3 Ways to Make Your Relationship Fun Again

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3 Ways to Make Your Relationship Fun Again Updated

Have mornings that were once kiss-filled and animated become exchanges of grunts and silent gulps of coffee? Complacency is the enemy of relationships (and life in general). Don’t letyourself settle for dull routine and lazy tedium. Put in the effort to make your relationship lively; it really doesn’t take much to put in little investments that have happy, constant returns.

1. Hide love notes for each other

Writing and slipping love notes to each other is a wonderful game that can easily become a romantic part of your lifestyle. Longer, full letters to each other are also lovely, but just a quick few sentences every so often is the base that you want. It only takes a minute to jot down a brief statement of your affection, but it will give your partner a moment of joy and a feeling of being loved that will stay with them for the rest of their day.

When he’s sick, slip a small note of love inside his pill bottle. When she has an important presentation that morning, leave a sticky note on her laptop screen to give her a boost of confidence when she opens it up. Hiding them around the house can become a competitive game where the goal is to surprise each other – go for coat pockets, cereal jars, books, under the toilet seat, and more. A bonus is that you’ll amass a collection of love notes that you can read and smile at anytime.
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How To Say “Thank You” To Someone You Love With A Facebook “Say Thanks” Video

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At Datevitation, we are a huge proponent of the “Little Things” — an action that may take only a moment of your time but can make a lasting impact on your relationship. To make your life easy, we’ve provided a number of “How To” video guides to little things on this blog, including to surprise your special someone with a or greet them in the morning with a .

This week, we are highlighting Facebook’s “Say Thanks” videos – which you may have noticed popping up in your News Feed in recent days. Essentially, Facebook has handed you the opportunity to do a “Little Thing” on a golden platter. It only takes a minute to create a “Say Thanks” video but the end result is a touching tribute to your relationship that is guaranteed to make your partner smile. Please watch the video above for a full demo on how to create your own Say Thanks video.   You can get started on the or if you prefer the mobile experience then just search for “Say Thanks” in the search bar.

Give it a try and let us know how your Significant Other enjoyed the video in the comments below!


4 Simple Things To Stop Doing That Will Greatly Enhance Your Relationship

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1. Keeping a Tally

Don’t keep track of the gives and takes of your relationship. Keeping track of who did more and who did less will only consume you in petty accounting, reducing your relationship to a tally of input and output. Trying to keep score and demanding immediate and equal reciprocation only creates resentment and disillusionment. Eventually, it’s unclear whether something is being done out of affection or stressful obligation to keep the tallies even. If you feel offended that he didn’t leap out of his chair to do the dishes after you made dinner, he might bring up the fact that he took off work last week to drive you to the airport, and soon you’re engulfed in an argument of “well, I did this for you, so what did you do for me?”

Scrutinizing every single exchange between the two of you only breeds resentment. Relationships are a constant flow of giving and receiving. A healthy relationship will have a natural balance, so focus on what you can do for your partner rather than stingily keeping track of what they’re doing for you.


2. Neglecting to Compliment One Another

After the initial infatuation stage where you’re constantly complimenting and praising each other, we often grow complacent. Now that we’re comfortable with each other and securely a couple, there’s presumably no need to make the effort to impress or flatter each other. It’s strange, when you think about it, that the longer we love someone, the less we remind them about that. Complacency is the enemy of relationships.

Remember to compliment your partner every day. Tell her how beautiful her eyes – the things that first captivated you – are, and tell him how much you appreciate him for being a loving father. Long-term relationships sometimes get a bad rap for being “boring” – ensure that yours doesn’t become that by being conscious of and reminding each other why you love each other. What makes them attractive and admirable to you?
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9 Romantic Movies With Important Lessons nutritionist credentials

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1. When Harry Met Sally

Don’t overlook your best friend. It’s a scary plunge that does deserve some hard thinking before you take the chance – are you willing to risk the possibility of study holistic nutrition and of breaking up and making things awkward with a dear friend? However, this is the person that has cared for you at your worst and best, understood you in ways that many other people can’t, and loved you despite (and even because of) your quirks and flaws. Many of holistic nutritionist degree and of us have had best friends that we never get sick of, even as lovers come and go, but we deny the attraction because we’re afraid of best holistic nutrition programs and of losing them entirely if it goes beyond deep friendship. A lot of holistic certification online and of the time, it’s worth the risk. After all, as with Harry and Sally, the suppressed tension of certified holistic nutrition practitioner and of attraction often jeopardizes the friendship on its own, so you may as well give it a shot.

2. You’ve Got Mail

Fixating on one bad thing can blind you to a world of nutritionist schooling and of good. How many great couples would have never come to fruition if they hadn’t been able to look past their rival colleges, competing firms, the way he puts salt on everything before tasting it, the way she overuses emojis, and the fact that one is a vegetarian while the other loves carne asada tacos? Additionally, the lovable pairing of how to become nutritionist and of Meg Ryan in her heyday and Tom Hanks in his adorably charm remind us that personalities and minds are what we fall in love with. In their anonymous email friendship, they came to love one another as people without any notions of nutrition certificate and of appearance, wealth, or status.
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