10 Holiday Songs to Listen to With Your Sweetie

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The holidays are upon us and the season is filled with Christmas songs. Everywhere we go, we hear jingling bells and bright singing coming from speakers in shop aisles and car . Take some time to slow down and appreciate these Christmas classics. Cozy up by the fire with your sweetheart and listen to these holiday songs to set a warm mood.

1. “You’re All I Want for Christmas” by Brook Benton

I want my arms around you for Christmas
I need no presents under the tree
You’re all I want, my darling
And that will be the world to me
I want to share your kisses for Christmas
The rest is only tinsel and show
You’re all I want, my darling
At candle glow and mistletoe
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11 Creative Holiday Activities for Couples

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1. Hot chocolate experimentation

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve likely been unsatisfied by store-bought hot chocolate mixes. Finding them watery and lacking the deep chocolatiness that we crave, you’ve probably been guilty of mixing two or even three times the laughable “serving size.” For a fun and truly indulgent date night at home, lay waste to your kitchen with pots of melting chocolate, open bottles of spirits, and obscene amounts of whipped cream. Kick the sad packets of cocoa mix to the curb and gather up your chocolates, truffles, peppermint candies, and liquor. Melt down those truffles from Trader Joe’s that everybody loves and mix it with a splash of vanilla extract and a generous pour of Bailey’s. Stir up a pot of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, some outrageously large scoops of Nutella, and some squares of Ghirardelli dark chocolate. There’s no bonding like the kind of bonding that comes with a night of asking for diabetes and death by chocolate.

2. Super snow fortress fight

That’s right. If you’re lucky enough to be in area that has flakes of crystalline ice coming down from the sky, it’s time to have yourself a good old-fashioned snowball fight. I’m not talking about the light-hearted, frou-frou handfuls of powder that lovers jokingly toss on each other’s peacoats during a romantic stroll outside. We’re talking about the snowball fights of yore that meant serious business, like determining who would get the last sugar cookie back at home. Construct proper fortresses as part of your snow warfare. See who can destroy the other person’s wall of defense first. Upgrade your game by borrowing the kids’ NERF guns and shooting each other through cracks in your snow walls. Get pumped and play hard. Return home with rosy cheeks and feel good about burning some of those holiday calories.
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A 10-Second Starbucks Trick Guaranteed To Make Your Date Blush.

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Is there a Starbucks in your neighborhood?  I’m guess the answer is YES.   So you have no excuse not to do this 10 second trick that Olga brilliantly showcases in the video above.  Here’s the deal: Starbucks’ cups for hot drinks all have the following warning message: “Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot.” All you need to do is either bring a Sharpie with you to Starbucks or borrow one from the barista, and when your date steps away for a moment, take the Sharpie and cross out some of the language so that the warning simply reads: “Be careful. You’re extremely hot.” Then show your date the new and improved warning and enjoy the huge smile that follows (watch the video above to see how Olga pulls it off!).


As you can see, this literally took seconds for Olga to do, but had me beaming for the rest of the day (and had me bragging to all my friends about Olga’s simple, yet thoughtful gesture). Next time you go to Starbucks, give this a try and let us know what you think in the comment section below.  For other fun tips and trick  like this, sign up for our free video series at the bottom of this post!

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12 Great Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

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1. Take a trip down memory lane

Some of the best conversations can happen while sitting in ridiculously slow-moving traffic, a situation that normally leaves us simmering in frustration. When you have time to talk where you’re not by anything else, take a mental tour together through the History of You Two. What did you think of each other before the first date? Who liked who first and how nervous were you when you finally asked them out? And geez, who can forget about the time on the second date where she was still determined to be ladylike and didn’t go to the bathroom for four hours because she didn’t want to be gone for an embarrassingly long time.

2. Tell each other your favorite things about one another

Is it the way she snuggles against your chest when she’s still asleep? Is it the way he plants kisses on your forehead when you wait in lines together? Maybe it’s how she blows her bangs to the side when she’s concentrating. Maybe it’s how he automatically puts another blanket on top of you when he knows you’recold (since you’re always cold). We always feel the warm fuzzies when our partners do something that just makes us smile – so tell them! Let them know that what they’re doing makes you happy. They’ll feel appreciated, maybe even surprised, and happy with themselves when they do it again.
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5 Things You Should Strive to Be For Your Partner

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1. Best Friend

Friends come and go. Even good friends come and go. Your partner is someone that will constantly remain by your side as acquaintances, friends, and good friends go in and out of your life. They should be one of your best friends. Mere physical passion or one-dimensional romance do not make you true partners. See the to see what size you need for your area. A partner is more than just someone to kiss, cuddle, and wine and dine. You must be able to laugh at each other and laugh together. Be silly together! Have inside jokes, weird little traditions and habits that are known only between the two of you.

You need bonding substance to feed your partnership that goes beyond romance, as romance and blazing passion eventually quiet down into comfortable, trusting friendship. At your core, you must be compatible and close in your friendship to each other.

2. Cheerleader

You are your partner’s primary source of support. Yours arms are the embrace that she needs, and your words are the fuel that he craves. When their spirits sag, you must strive to lift them. Support your partner in their passions, their dreams, and their goals. Encourage them to accomplish and heartily congratulate them when they achieve. Make them a comforting snack and drink when they’re up at 2:30 AM prepping for that client tomorrow. Let them know that you are so proud of them for taking the initiative toward a healthy lifestyle. You are one of the most important people in their lives and they look to your loving support to power them through life’s trials and triumphs.
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