PRINTING THE ECOLE.- Teaching techniques (C.

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PRINTING THE ECOLE.- Teaching techniques (C. Freinet). – The cooperative school file. – Our Educational research: Delicate Case (Faure and C.F.). – Our technical research: Freinet press with automatic pressure system (C.F.). – Box binder for F.S.C. – The life of our group: The Anthology. – newspapers and educational journals. CORRESPONDENCE INTERSCHOLASTIC BY INTERNATIONAL ESPERANTO. – Letter from a Russian teacher. – How to organize our international correspondence.

THE MOVIE THEATER. – The conditions for a good school cinema (hose). – The Panoptic (Hose). INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTATION: The cinema, child, school (continued) (Itchenko). RADIO: Power Transmission (Fragnaud). – Transmission Program. EDUCATIONAL TECHNIQUES. – Cinema, Radio, Discs (Freinet). – To save the eyes of our children (Lallemand). BOOKS-NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINE.

MUTUAL AID COOPERATIVE. Authors: Alberthe Faure, Freinet, Itchenko R. Fragnaud Remy Hose and Roger Lallemand More
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary February 1968 Read Full issue in PDF Modern School is more than ever militant Tribute Chilean educators C. FREINET Educational Cooperative Educators and note Within About a rickshaw the child plagiarist what could we work apportter bulletin a pretty room … (more) a moment of mathematical research a call to the Commission for Natural pedagogical methods Recycling masters courses being school year Life ICEM Days of “valdotain group studies modern school is more than ever militant> Print

In: The editorial Educator CEL For teachers review in February 1968 We are a vanguard, which means that we walk often against the current and we need if we do not want to sink, while acting “with both boldness and caution against those who defend the positions acquired. The administration adapts more or less of our militancy.

It depends on the personality of the directors themselves, and we must say with comfort that we often meet with them an intelligent and valuable support, although this support is strictly personal, without administrative resonance. Any militant action, whether educational, trade union, cooperative or teaching is necessarily eats ideal and sacrifice. It rarely does that relate to the militants themselves which they willingly steals achievements.

And they are criticized by the same token, what is often called the lack of practical sense, this ability so common individuals to monetize their business and to patent their inventions. So, it is true that we have experienced ideal and sacrifice and we do not see, in the social organization and current policy, the possibility for the future to find another mode of innervation and financing our activity. We certainly make maximum efforts for maximum profitability of our ICEM and our CEL.

This is because we were able to create and live these powerful organizations we created a work that marks already and mark our teaching better than the most eloquent speeches. The millions swallowed up by our 35 years of research, that is our capital. This is unfortunately a bit commercially viable capital talking and even less negotiable.

This is what we respond to those who, from the outside, are surprised that a cooperative administration and make call constantly to the goodwill and sacrifice of its members. If tomorrow there is profit cooperative, is that
research is extinguished fever we live. If we can survive us is that we find in the middle teacher unsuspected proportion of idealistic friends who are always ready to sacrifice their well-being or their money, in the interest of their work within our movement.

This is what we owe: – to have a respectable number of subscribers to publications that are not regular reviews, but working bodies; – to find at will, among dedication, officials and workers for our commission and our company BT; – to count a thousand participants at our annual Congress; – having subscriptions for all our new products; – and to have hundreds of comrades who are moving to our complete confidence as to entrust their treatments remnants. Our movement is powerful this exceptional combination of good will.

And that’s on them yet we rely exclusively for the future. … And that is why, despite the attacks and criticism, slander sometimes, despite our behavior towards an administration that often recognizes the value and scope of our work but never gives us any technical help despite the difficulties encountered, to survive, a Freinet school whose administration does not recognize the experimental nature with unparalleled moral support of the mass of our members, we are more than ever confident and enthusiastic.

The Modern School is now close you theoretical and technical educational progress of our tragic and disconcerting time. At work! C. FREINET Educator No. 4 of 15 November 1961 Author Freinet Print
In: Education Life Skills CEL For teachers review December 1960 Author Freinet Print

1 result Results Exchanges National Interscholastic In: The Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers journal Pedagogical Principles> Communication> correspondence October 1932 We believe useful to report here that our friend Faure, in charge of this Service, wrote for our congress in Bordeaux. Reading it will, we believe, helpful to all the comrades who, early this year, will start with enthusiasm, work according to our technique.

It seems, from reading the newspapers of the academic year, the printed exchanges functioned generally to the satisfaction of all. Authors: Alberthe Raoul Faure and Faure More
1 Result Results Printing at school No.

44 – July 1931 In: The International Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers Review Languages> Esperanto Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> tools> teaching Techniques file> audiovisual techniques> photography pedagogical techniques> audiovisual equipment> radio pedagogical Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> printing July 1931 Authors: A. Pages, Alberthe Faure Bertoix, Freinet, Lavit, Marcel Boubou, Raoul Faure Remy Hose, Roger Lallemand, Ruch and Y. pages
1 result Results The newspaper of the week – 5 For the School of Guerche 28/11/09 – 12:04 In: Creation, Life term cooperative class citizenship Tuesday Alix and Leane we made the presentation on fish, and Loan-lee made his presentation on apples and almost everyone liked. lee Loan- and Joris presented their research on sharks. We have made African homes and African ladies and it was very nice.

Thursday Elisa C. 2009-2010 Learn more
2 Results Printing at school No 28 – December 1929 In: The Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers Review Languages> Esperanto Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> Tools> File teaching techniques> audiovisual equipment> radio teaching techniques> printing December 1929 Authors: Alberthe Faure, Freinet, G. Vovelle H. Alziary, Lavit, ML Lagier Bruno, Map, Raoul Faure Remy Hose and Roger Lallemand more printing in school No.

20 – February 1929 in: the International printing Publishing at the school of printing in the school for teachers review Languages> Esperanto Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> audiovisual techniques> photography pedagogical techniques> audiovisual equipment> radio pedagogical techniques> printing pedagogical techniques> free text February 1929 CONTENTS pRINTING THE ECOL E: Techniques and methods (P. Duthil).

The cooperative school file (C.F.) – An unexpected collaboration. – free texts and Interests (A. and H. Faure). – illustration technique: a limographe schools (L. Leroux). – A method for printing the drawings (Mrs. Pichai) – Life in our group. – The Wave: In an overhaul of La Gerbe (Alziery). -A new formula (C.F.). – Mix the school to life (Daniel).

Newspapers and Magazines. – Books. PAGE ESPERANTO. CINEMA: The Cinema School (Hose). – Administrative Echos (Gorce). – Cinema in primary school (Naradene). – Survey response.

INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTATION: The Cinema in the English school (Filipoy). -Production of film school. – Film School in U.R.S.S. – In Portugal (Lemos). RADIO SCHOOL (Lavit). Authors: A.-V.

Lemos Alberthe Faure, Freinet, Filipoy H. Alziary J. Gorce, L. Leroux, Lavit, Ms. Pichai, Naradene P. Duthil, Raoul Faure Hose Remy and Rene Daniel
1 Result Results Printing at school No 13 – April 1928 In: The Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers review educational principles> co> Cooperative Education and Research class> knowledge child> psychology teaching Techniques> printing April 1928 Argentina, Germany Authors: Alberthe Faure, B.

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