4 Simple Things To Stop Doing That Will Greatly Enhance Your Relationship

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4 simple things to stop doing in your relationship

1. Keeping a Tally

Don’t keep track of the gives and takes of your relationship. Keeping track of who did more and who did less will only consume you in petty accounting, reducing your relationship to a tally of input and output. Trying to keep score and demanding immediate and equal reciprocation only creates resentment and disillusionment. Eventually, it’s unclear whether something is being done out of affection or stressful obligation to keep the tallies even. If you feel offended that he didn’t leap out of his chair to do the dishes after you made dinner, he might bring up the fact that he took off work last week to drive you to the airport, and soon you’re engulfed in an argument of “well, I did this for you, so what did you do for me?”

Scrutinizing every single exchange between the two of you only breeds resentment. Relationships are a constant flow of giving and receiving. A healthy relationship will have a natural balance, so focus on what you can do for your partner rather than stingily keeping track of what they’re doing for you.


2. Neglecting to Compliment One Another

After the initial infatuation stage where you’re constantly complimenting and praising each other, we often grow complacent. Now that we’re comfortable with each other and securely a couple, there’s presumably no need to make the effort to impress or flatter each other. It’s strange, when you think about it, that the longer we love someone, the less we remind them about that. Complacency is the enemy of relationships.

Remember to compliment your partner every day. Tell her how beautiful her eyes – the things that first captivated you – are, and tell him how much you appreciate him for being a loving father. Long-term relationships sometimes get a bad rap for being “boring” – ensure that yours doesn’t become that by being conscious of and reminding each other why you love each other. What makes them attractive and admirable to you?
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11 Love Songs With Profoundly Beautiful Lyrics

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11 love songs with profoundly beautiful lyrics

The love song is a powerful thing. Just three minutes of sound can leave you catching your breath with a lump in your throat, misty eyes, and a huge surge of emotion in your heart. The decades have given us an abundance of love songs that capture the sentiments many of us have felt in our own love lives. Here is a selection of beautiful lyrics from eleven love songs that are especially touching and romantic.

1. “’Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you”

All of Me, John Legend


2. “If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
All the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry
No, I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me”

- Stand By Me, Ben E. King

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5 Texts That Will Score You Some Serious Points

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text message to score you points

  1. “Good morning, beautiful.”

This one applies more if you’re still living apart and haven’t moved in together yet, but it also goes for couples who do live together if one of you goes out of town. Remember the fluttery feeling you got when you first saw that text in the early days of the relationship? “Wow, there’s now someone who thinks of me as soon as they wake up. I make their day better.” It’s a short text, but it is sweet and touching in what is implicit: When I wake up, I think of you, and that makes me happy.


  1. “Hey, I know you’ve had a long day. Don’t worry about cleaning up tonight, it’s done.”

This text is seemingly more practical than lovey-dovey, but it can also be extremely romantic. As lovely and breathtaking as a blooming bouquet of fresh flowers can be, sometimes, it feels more moving to the beneficiary when they’re surprised with a clean house and a pantry full of washed and dried dishes. When life is doing what life tends to do and has you feeling a bit frazzled and overwhelmed, there is no gift more welcome than having things crossed off your to-do list for you. Folded laundry? Why, you shouldn’t have.


  1. “Recorded the game for you. Beer’s in the fridge. Enjoy!”

Take note of what your partner likes and try to incorporate those things into what you do for each other. Do you know that he forgot to set the recording for the game before he left for work, and you have some time to spare in your lunch break? Go home and set it up for him, and stock up his favorite beverage, to boot. Let your partner know that you notice what makes them happy, and then go further and show them that you want to make them happy. Did she work overtime and is she exhausted on the drive home? “Bubble bath will be ready in 15 minutes. Dark chocolate is also standing by.” True love.


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3 Simple Ways Couples Can Be Healthy Together

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3 Simple Ways Couples Can Be Healthy Together

  1. Cook together

It’s easy to slip into mutually assured inflation when you get into the habit of regularly ordering in or eating out. After a long day at work, why wouldn’t you two want to kick back, have some Chinese or pizza delivered, and call it a night? Unfortunately, the easy way of handling dinnertime can settle you into an unhealthy lifestyle. Too many carbs, too much fat, and too many processed ingredients will leave you both with padded waistlines, slimmer wallets, and not-quite-optimal health.

Luckily, cooking together is an activity and lifestyle habit that has a multitude of benefits. It’s easy to prepare and enjoy healthy meals when you’ve both put in a joint effort into creating them. Choose the meals you like and experiment with favorite recipes. It’s hard to overdose on fat, sugar, and salt when it’s your hands that are controlling what goes into your food. You probably won’t be stirring in high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or aluminum phosphate into meals you make with your own hands, either.

Not only will you save money and improve your nutrition by not shelling out for takeout or delivery, but you will also grow closer as a couple. Cooking is an hour or two of quality time together that can be fun, quiet, loud, and intimate. Turn on some Sinatra as you have an impromptu twirl about the kitchen island. Shake those salad greens dry while having a silly sing-a-long to “Shake It Off.” Continue reading >


14 Best Love Quotes of All Time

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14 best love quotes

Love quotes always have a place in our lives. From the early years of Sharpie-ing cliché quotes onto our binders to the cringeworthy days of customized MySpace profiles with just-angsty-enough love quote .gifs, and from picking the perfect quote for your wedding vows to leaving a handwritten love letter on your wife’s pillow, love – and the quotes about it – make the world go ‘round.

Some are cloying, some are sweet, some are tender, and some are deep. Sometimes they strike as the most beautiful pair of sentences ever written, while on other days (and in other relationship statuses) they can destroy us, reducing us to a shaking pile on a tissue-strewn floor. Sometimes they fill us with the warmest sense of renewed hope and faith. Sometimes they say in a mere handful of words exactly what we, overwhelmed by our indescribable depth of love, struggled to sum up to our beloved.

Reading them as a single woman, copying one down as a husband, receiving them as a loved girlfriend, and being whispered one by the man in your life is a moment that transcends the present. You are interacting with the souls of centuries gone whose words still remain, for the deep stirring in the heart of a young man today is unchanged from the kindling of romance in a young man a thousand years ago. Gathered here are fourteen of some of history’s most enduring, moving, relatable, powerful, true, and inspiring love quotes.

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