10 Roles a Father Plays in His Children’s Lives

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10 Roles a Father Plays in His Children's Lives

1. Protector

From the moment you’re born, your father is one of your biggest reassurances. He held you in his strong arms, looking at the new life he helped create, and vowed to always protect you. A father’s sense of protection for his child is incomparable. He does whatever he can to keep his child from physical harm and mental pain. His heart was probably pounding harder than yours when he let go of the bike from behind, telling the white lie that he was still holding on, but he was always right there, ready to catch you and hold you if you fell. And he’s been in that same position your whole life.

Watching you grow and face the challenges of life, his heart broke with yours whenever you were hurt. When you were a young person with a silly curfew, a newly minted driver’s license, and boyfriends got the shotgun talk, the constant lectures and worried reminders probably got tiresome. But no matter how much you grew, your dad always saw that little child that liked to climb on his back for piggyback rides and shout for Daddy when they were scared. There’s no protection on Earth like that of a father’s.

2. Nurturer

He may have been clumsy at times, but Dad was always there to nurture you. When he knew Mom needed her rest, he was the one that climbed out of bed at 2 AM to go comfort you. He took you to the park on Sunday afternoons and was there to pick you up and kiss the boo-boo when you fell off the monkey bars. He patiently let you put a pink scarf on him and happily accepted your stuffed animal tea party invitations, assuring you that your tea was the best he’s ever had. When you presented him with an abstract smattering of paint, he listened intently as you described how that smudge of paint was him and how that dot of paint was a car, telling you what a good job you’d done. He let you take over story time with your long, epic tales of aliens, puppies, princesses, and chocolate airplanes to encourage your imagination and confidence. Dad was there your whole life to build you up in a strong, happy person.
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10 Ways & Reasons to Sneak Affection Into a Busy Life

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10 Ways & Reasons to Sneak Affection Into a Busy Life

The other day, a friend I were having a great girls’ night out dinner at a fabulous Italian place. It’s a popular place for date night. Sure enough, most of the tables were occupied by couples. However, we were struck by the glaring absence of something particular – affection. Max Polyakov seeks to become a philanthropist, read more here. Many of the couples walked in side-by-side, usually with both partners’ hands just hanging straight down against their sides or with the man’s hands stuck in his pockets while the lady’s were occupied with a purse and phone. The whole night, we saw only a handful out of the dozens of couples we saw holding hands. There was a lot of individual scrolling through phones, with little interaction as they waited for a table or awaited their orders.

What happened to affection? Those sweet touches and brushes against each other that flood you with soothing and mood-boosting hormones and make you feel closer to your loved one – incorporate affection into your day. We all get busy with waking up, getting the kids ready for school, working, supervising extracurricular activities, cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house, running errands, and putting the kids to bed. A busy life can seem like it leaves little to no time and creates too much stress for someone to just sit down and have a relaxing cuddle session.
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10 Great Dad-Centric Gifts for Father’s Day

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10 Great Dad-Centric Gifts for Father's Day

Blue ties, red ties, navy ties, and maybe a whimsical golf-themed tie. It’s a never-ending stream of ties for our poor dads on Father’s Day. This year, get out of the tie rut and give Dad a gift that he’ll truly enjoy having and might even use pretty often! Stand out from your siblings as the child that gave Dad a truly memorable gift.

1. Personalized pocketknife

Every man could use a pocketknife. It’s a tool that comes in handy in all sorts of situations, and it gives men a nice boost of “this is a classic man moment” testosterone when they pull it. Make sure Dad has a classy one to carry around proudly, especially one that was gifted to him by his loving child. What’s more, this pocketknife will be extra special because of the words engraved on it – “#1 Dad” or his actual name.

2. Engraved hammer

The hammer is another quintessential mark of man. Pounding things forcefully and nailing something hard? Yup, the hammer is a tool that every red-blooded man needs. It gives him a chance to use his strength and show off the precise capabilities of his muscles (until he hits his thumb and unleashes a stream of words that will make the children ask, “What does **** mean, Daddy?). Give him a fine wooden-handled hammer with a personalized message engraved just for him.

3. U.S.A. beer cap map

Beer and America. It’s a timeless pairing that proudly shouts red, white, and blue. They’re also two of the things that men love most, making a gift that combines them an outstanding choice for Father’s Day. Get the father in your life a U.S.A. beer cap map. Beer caps are often colorful and stamped with attractive logos, so it’s a shame to toss them out, especially for a beer you’ve never tried before. To remember his favorite beers and each new beer he tries, he can save the caps and pop them right into this fun and sturdy wood cutout of the United States of America. There are lots of men out there that already collect bottle caps but relegate their collections to a random kitchen drawers. This is a fine display piece that will spark a lot of great conversations at his next dinner party.
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10 Pleasing Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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10 Pleasing Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

Attention, all children of mothers – and that means all of the human population – Mother’s Day is coming up fast! This year, Mom’s special day is on Sunday, May 10th. Before you choose a gift for the woman that lovingly attended to your soiled diapers and nobly tolerated your teenage angst, consider what kind of woman Mom is. Is she the kind of lady that insists on practical gifts, and would rather receive something she actively needs? Or is the type of woman that would love a whimsical or feminine “extra” that she couldn’t justify buying for herself? Perhaps you’re seeking a gift for your wife, who is now juggling two toddlers and feels like she’s losing herself. Regardless, here are ten gift suggestions to cover the bases for any type of Mom.

1. A box of chocolate… soaps

A box of chocolate is a classic, albeit somewhat generic and expected, choice of gift for any occasion that focuses on a lady. This year, switch it up by giving the mom in your life a box of chocolate soaps! Many women often jokingly complain about the temptation that a whole box of chocolates presents – what will stop you from polishing off the box in a day? Luckily, chocolate soaps are a treat that she can indulge in every day. With skin-loving ingredients like olive, coconut, shea butter, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil, these delectable soaps will make her shower time a deliciously sensory experience.

2. DIY lip balm kit

Dry lips are something that plague many of us, making lip balm a staple in a woman’s handbag. Even if you are lucky enough to have naturally moisturized lips, a quick swipe of lip balm is an easy way for a busy mom on-the-go to feel more polished (handling small children in the morning doesn’t allow for a full makeup routine!). But whether she’s in her twenties or her sixties, the gift of customization is always appreciated. With a DIY lip balm kit, she can experiment to achieve a yummy flavor of her personal preference.
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10 Ways to Give Your Love Life a Spring Cleaning

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10 Ways to Give Your Love Life a Spring Cleaning

Ah, springtime – the quintessential time to get in sync with nature’s warm and sunny renewal and revamp your own environment. It’s refreshing and revitalizing to raid your closet, haul out a pile of clothes to sell or donate, and use the freed-up space and money to buy items that reflect the new you. It’s a satisfying breath of fresh air to snap on the gloves, grab the Swiffer and Clorox wipes, and give your place a deep cleaning. Why stop at merely revamping your physical surroundings? Give your love life a spring cleaning! What’s the point of basking in your freshly washed sheets if you’re dripping mascara tears onto your pillow? Sweep away the insecurities and take the emotional trash to the curb for a fresh start this spring!

1. Snap on the metaphorical gloves and assess the situation

It’s the difference between doing your makeup looking into a dimly-lit, steamed-up, grime-smeared bathroom mirror and a clean, polished, well-lit mirror. When you’re using a grimy mirror where you can only see the vague outline of your features, you think everything is okay. It’s only when you’re shocked by the clarity of a clean mirror that you see your unblended concealer, patches of missing foundation, and mismatched eyeliner wings. Much like wiping your mirror clean, wipe away the grime from the lens with which you view your love life.

2. Assess the situation and mess

Be honest. Some aspects will be like grime that’s tough to remove, and you’ll try to deny things or validate them. But it’s springtime, baby, so put on some cleaning gloves and face the dirty facts. You can’t shove things under the bed or throw things in the closet and claim cleanliness any longer. You can’t say, “Well, I’m a big girl, I can handle a certain degree of a-holery” or “I’ve always liked the bad boys, it’s just my type, so I can deal with them.” Really be honest with yourself. You can’t improve or achieve the full potential of a rewarding, satisfying love life if you have dirty dishes and trash piled up everywhere and say, “Oh, it’s okay, I’m used to this, so this is fine for me.” Uh-uh, honey. Do you settle for guys that don’t treat you well because you grew up watching your mom tolerate a subpar husband, so you’ve internalized that as normal? Do you stick with deadbeat boyfriends because hey, it’s better than being single?
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