12 Great Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

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12 great ways to rekindle your relationship

1. Take a trip down memory lane

Some of the best conversations can happen while sitting in ridiculously slow-moving traffic, a situation that normally leaves us simmering in frustration. When you have time to talk where you’re not distracted by anything else, take a mental tour together through the History of You Two. What did you think of each other before the first date? Who liked who first and how nervous were you when you finally asked them out? And geez, who can forget about the time on the second date where she was still determined to be ladylike and didn’t go to the bathroom for four hours because she didn’t want to be gone for an embarrassingly long time.

2. Tell each other your favorite things about one another

Is it the way she snuggles against your chest when she’s still asleep? Is it the way he plants kisses on your forehead when you wait in lines together? Maybe it’s how she blows her bangs to the side when she’s concentrating. Maybe it’s how he automatically puts another blanket on top of you when he knows you’re cold (since you’re always cold). We always feel the warm fuzzies when our partners do something that just makes us smile – so tell them! Let them know that what they’re doing makes you happy. They’ll feel appreciated, maybe even surprised, and happy with themselves when they do it again.
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5 Things You Should Strive to Be For Your Partner

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5 things you should strive to be for your partner

1. Best Friend

Friends come and go. Even good friends come and go. Your partner is someone that will constantly remain by your side as acquaintances, friends, and good friends go in and out of your life. They should be one of your best friends. Mere physical passion or one-dimensional romance do not make you true partners. A partner is more than just someone to kiss, cuddle, and wine and dine. You must be able to laugh at each other and laugh together. Be silly together! Have inside jokes, weird little traditions and habits that are known only between the two of you.

You need bonding substance to feed your partnership that goes beyond romance, as romance and blazing passion eventually quiet down into comfortable, trusting friendship. At your core, you must be compatible and close in your friendship to each other.

2. Cheerleader

You are your partner’s primary source of support. Yours arms are the embrace that she needs, and your words are the fuel that he craves. When their spirits sag, you must strive to lift them. Support your partner in their passions, their dreams, and their goals. Encourage them to accomplish and heartily congratulate them when they achieve. Make them a comforting snack and drink when they’re up at 2:30 AM prepping for that client tomorrow. Let them know that you are so proud of them for taking the initiative toward a healthy lifestyle. You are one of the most important people in their lives and they look to your loving support to power them through life’s trials and triumphs.
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How To Turn Your Home Into A Five-Star Spa (The Warm Towel Trick Is Genius!)

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Olga turned our house into a Five-Star spa the other day.  It was awesome.  You have to watch the video above to see the creativity and love she put into this idea.   This is yet another example of something that does not take an incredible amount of set-up time but will leave a lasting impression on your partner.  As you’ll see in the video, there are 3 main components:

  • The Waiting Room — Turn your living room into a five-star spa waiting room.  Olga had everything that you would expect to see in a five-star spa and more!   Newspapers, magazines, fresh fruit, nuts, a pitcher of water with lemon.  I already had a huge smile on my face before I even got to the massage room.
  • The Massage Room – Your bedroom becomes the massage room.  Again, Olga replicated the five-star spa experience to a tee with soft music playing, and candles set up around the room.  She even offered me two massage oil options, and during the massage, checked to see if the pressure was too hard or too soft.  I love my life. [Supplies Note – Olga picked up the tea-lights and massage oils (Lavender Vanilla and Eucalyptus Spearmint) from Bath and Body Works.   I couldn’t recommend the massage oils more highly, especially the Lavender Vanilla.]
  • Post-Massage Experience – After the massage was over,  Olga left the room for a few minutes and came back with the warm damp towels just like the masseuses use at the end of a massage.   It’s not like we have a commercial towel warmer at our home so I was very impressed.  It turns out that this is incredibly easy to do, as Olga shows in the video above.  To cap off the experience, Olga gave me a cup of my favorite tea.
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I hope you can see just how doable it is to do the same thing for your special someone.  If you are interested in getting step-by-step guides to an additional eight romantic gestures just like this one, be sure to sign up for our FREE video series at the bottom of this post.
And you can get your sweetie excited about his/her massage today by including a 5-star spa love coupon in a Datevitation custom love coupon book.  You can start making your book here and use code 5STARSPA for 35% off your order.
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3 Ways to Make Your Relationship Fun Again

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three ways to make your relationship fun again

Have mornings that were once kiss-filled and animated become exchanges of grunts and silent gulps of coffee? Complacency is the enemy of relationships (and life in general). Don’t let yourself settle for dull routine and lazy tedium. Put in the effort to make your relationship lively; it really doesn’t take much to put in little investments that have happy, constant returns.

1. Hide love notes for each other

Writing and slipping love notes to each other is a wonderful game that can easily become a romantic part of your lifestyle. Longer, full letters to each other are also lovely, but just a quick few sentences every so often is the base that you want. It only takes a minute to jot down a brief statement of your affection, but it will give your partner a moment of joy and a feeling of being loved that will stay with them for the rest of their day.

When he’s sick, slip a small note of love inside his pill bottle. When she has an important presentation that morning, leave a sticky note on her laptop screen to give her a boost of confidence when she opens it up. Hiding them around the house can become a competitive game where the goal is to surprise each other – go for coat pockets, cereal jars, books, under the toilet seat, and more. A bonus is that you’ll amass a collection of love notes that you can read and smile at anytime.

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4 Simple Things To Stop Doing That Will Greatly Enhance Your Relationship

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4 simple things to stop doing in your relationship

1. Keeping a Tally

Don’t keep track of the gives and takes of your relationship. Keeping track of who did more and who did less will only consume you in petty accounting, reducing your relationship to a tally of input and output. Trying to keep score and demanding immediate and equal reciprocation only creates resentment and disillusionment. Eventually, it’s unclear whether something is being done out of affection or stressful obligation to keep the tallies even. If you feel offended that he didn’t leap out of his chair to do the dishes after you made dinner, he might bring up the fact that he took off work last week to drive you to the airport, and soon you’re engulfed in an argument of “well, I did this for you, so what did you do for me?”

Scrutinizing every single exchange between the two of you only breeds resentment. Relationships are a constant flow of giving and receiving. A healthy relationship will have a natural balance, so focus on what you can do for your partner rather than stingily keeping track of what they’re doing for you.


2. Neglecting to Compliment One Another

After the initial infatuation stage where you’re constantly complimenting and praising each other, we often grow complacent. Now that we’re comfortable with each other and securely a couple, there’s presumably no need to make the effort to impress or flatter each other. It’s strange, when you think about it, that the longer we love someone, the less we remind them about that. Complacency is the enemy of relationships.

Remember to compliment your partner every day. Tell her how beautiful her eyes – the things that first captivated you – are, and tell him how much you appreciate him for being a loving father. Long-term relationships sometimes get a bad rap for being “boring” – ensure that yours doesn’t become that by being conscious of and reminding each other why you love each other. What makes them attractive and admirable to you?
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