10 Ways to Brighten Your Partner’s Morning

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10 Ways to Brighten Your Partner's Morning!

1. Kiss them awake

The gentle sensation of soft lips pressing against your sleepy neck and trailing down your shoulder, the warm feeling of your partner’s mouth embracing yours. Comfort, closeness, and care in the form of kisses to ease a sleepy partner awake. No jarring alarms to begin the day with a twinge of annoyance. Start the day instead by stirring your sweetie to consciousness tenderly and lovingly, letting them wake up slowly to a feast of attention, affection, and love.

2. Tuck them in again

Many of us have the sorry situation of needing to wake up earlier than our partners – the groggy, unwilling lift of the comforter and the cold march to the shower. Meanwhile, our partners may or may not wake up when we get out of bed, sleepily blink a “good morning” to us, and spend a lucky extra hour back in dreamland. For those of us that need to wake up earlier than our sleeping beauties, give them a dose of affection when you wake up. Before you go shower, take some time to make them more comfortable – make their extra hour of sleep even more enjoyable. Wrap the blankets around them and cover the ankle that crept outside the comforter while they slept. Stroke their cheek and fluff their pillow. Make a blanket burrito out of them if they enjoy being wrapped up in warm, cozy blankets. It’ll warm up both of you emotionally and give you something to feel good about as you start your early day.
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12 Meaningful Thoughts to Express to Your Valentine

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12 Meaningful Things to Express to Your Valentine!

1. “I’ve become a better person because of you.”

It is a deeply moving thing to hear – you meant so much to them and were such a positive influence that you pushed them to become a better person. They wanted to become a better person for you, and they became a better person because they met you. You gave their life new meaning and purpose. When they hear these words, they’ll have a sense of responsibility for loving you that gets validated and a feeling of humble honor as they think about all the ways you’ve improved their lives, too.

2. “I have never loved you more and I will never love you less than I do in today.”

This is a classic love quote, but take a moment to really consider what it signifies. My love for you grows each day. I love you more than yesterday, but less than I will love you tomorrow. Every day, I fall more and more in love with you. It lets them know that every day, they make you happier and happier and you find new things about them that make you love them even more. The more time you spend together, the more reasons you find to be grateful for having them as your partner. Your love deepens as time go by.

3. “The moment that I realized I loved you was when….”

You know you love each other, and you know that you fell in love somewhere along the way. Take some time to tell your sweetie when it was that you realized that you fell in love. It doesn’t have to a specific moment – for many people, it was a sudden realization one day that it had already happened. Tell them about that day. If there was a specific moment, your partner will feel touched to hear it and you’ll both reflect fondly to the beginning of your love.
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12 Ways to Add Spice to Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

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12 Ways to Add Spice to Your Relationship This Valentine's Day

1. Trip to the lingerie store

Ladies, it’s time to treat yourself and your man. The silky satins and the luxurious laces that make you feel beautiful have the benefit of making your lover very aware of what a goddess he is with. Treat yourself to an indulgent little shopping spree at your favorite lingerie shop. On Valentine’s Day, perhaps before you go out for dinner, treat your man to a spectacular one-woman fashion show. Throw on the heels you feel most confident in and sit your fella down on the bed. Put on some sexy diva music to get you feeling like a vixen. Watch his jaw drop as you keep emerging from the closet or bathroom in a scandalous negligee that highlights your elegant décolletage or a matching set that emphasizes your ample curves. On second thought, maybe you should postpone this show until after dinner – otherwise, you might miss your reservation.

2. Make like teenagers and go make out

It’s time to throw it back to the days of yore. The hormonal teenage days of frenzied kisses before your dad opened the door, the eager nights of scouting for a dark parking lot in which you’d release your adolescent amorousness – oh, the memories of being young and in lust. Drive around. Be sixteen again and look for a parking spot that’s dark and discreet enough for you to go fool around in the backseat. As adults, we tend to go on autopilot and get right down to the entrée. Be teenagers again and feel the thrill of locking lips and letting hands roam. Feel free to let things go further. After all, there’s no curfew to worry about this time.
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10 Gifts Under $20 That Your Valentine Will Find Priceless

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10 Gifts Under $20 That Your Valentine Will Find Priceless

1. Love letter on a beautiful roll of ribbon

Put on a suave dab of your best cologne and strut yourself into your nearest fabric store, gents. Browse the wares of this likely all-female store. Examine the silky ribbons, admire the satin sheens, and marvel at the luxurious lace. Considering her favorite colors and styles, pick out a ribbon of thick width in a beautiful pattern that you know she would adore. Once you’re back home, unravel the ribbon from its spool and begin writing a love letter to her. Mind your penmanship! When you’ve reached the end of the ribbon, roll it back onto the spoon. When you present her with this gift, she’ll be touched as she unspools and reads several yards’ worth of your love for her.

2. Beer with creative labels

There’s no need to buy expensive bottles of whiskey to impress your sweetie. Just get a case or two of his favorite beer in glass bottles. Create your own special labels to put on the bottles! Design some labels using downloaded templates or make your own using Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. If you want to go for a classy and funny look, use a black and white picture of him as the label’s figurehead. You can write all sorts of interesting things on them – a pretend historical biography of him as the greatest beer drinker in the world, reasons why he is such a good partner, and memories of him that you cherish. If you’d like to be punny, include phrases like “Love Lager,” “Beloved Male’s Ale,” and “I love you beery much.” He’ll love getting his very own brand of beer.
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How To Turn Your Home Into A Five-Star Spa (The Warm Towel Trick Is Genius!)

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Olga turned our house into a Five-Star spa the other day.  It was awesome.  You have to watch the video above to see the creativity and love she put into this idea.   This is yet another example of something that does not take an incredible amount of set-up time but will leave a lasting impression on your partner.  As you’ll see in the video, there are 3 main components:

  • The Waiting Room — Turn your living room into a five-star spa waiting room.  Olga had everything that you would expect to see in a five-star spa and more!   Newspapers, magazines, fresh fruit, nuts, a pitcher of water with lemon.  I already had a huge smile on my face before I even got to the massage room.
  • The Massage Room – Your bedroom becomes the massage room.  Again, Olga replicated the five-star spa experience to a tee with soft music playing, and candles set up around the room.  She even offered me two massage oil options, and during the massage, checked to see if the pressure was too hard or too soft.  I love my life. [Supplies Note – Olga picked up the tea-lights and massage oils (Lavender Vanilla and Eucalyptus Spearmint) from Bath and Body Works.   I couldn’t recommend the massage oils more highly, especially the Lavender Vanilla.]
  • Post-Massage Experience – After the massage was over,  Olga left the room for a few minutes and came back with the warm damp towels just like the masseuses use at the end of a massage.   It’s not like we have a commercial towel warmer at our home so I was very impressed.  It turns out that this is incredibly easy to do, as Olga shows in the video above.  To cap off the experience, Olga gave me a cup of my favorite tea.
massage love coupon
I hope you can see just how doable it is to do the same thing for your special someone.  If you are interested in getting step-by-step guides to an additional eight romantic gestures just like this one, be sure to sign up for our FREE video series at the bottom of this post.
And you can get your sweetie excited about his/her massage today by including a 5-star spa love coupon in a Datevitation custom love coupon book.  You can start making your book here and use code 5STARSPA for 35% off your order.
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