How To Ride In Style On Your Next Date Night With Uber

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It’s Date Night, and you want to take your date out for a classy night on the town.   The plan includes enjoying a fine cocktail or two, so this evening you will not be driving!   In the past, you’ve had 2 options: (1) call a yellow cab (not so classy) or (2) hire a driver (not so affordable).    Enter UBER (), now a third, no-brainer option that allows you to ride in style in a sleek black sedan for fares comparable to what you would pay for a cab.  Olga and I used UBER when we were in San Francisco for a weekend (as shown in the video above), and absolutely loved the experience.  And we areexcited to have UBER now where we live in Los Angles (UBER in now operating in most major US cities, and expanding into international markets as well!).  If you give Uber a try, you’ll find that the entire user-experience from booking your car to paying is pure joy. Continue reading >


How To Have Fun Getting Fit Together Using The RunKeeper App

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This post originally appeared as a guest post on , a fantastic site aimed at encouraing couples to get fit and improve their relationship in the process.   It is part of our regular SmartPhone Date series here on the Datevitation blog as well, where Olga and I let you know about our favorite smartphone apps which we use to have fun dates together.

Today, we are excited to tell you about one of our favorite apps, Runkeeper, which helps motivate us to stay fit and healthy.  Olga and I are both entrepreneurs running our own start-up companies with a 3-year old in tow. Our schedule makes it incredibly challenging to find the time to stay fit and take care of our bodies.  But we know from experience that when we do make the timeto be active and workout, we have more energy and feel great which obviously has a tremendously positive impact on our relationship. Over the course of the past year, we have noticed two things that have helped improve our fitness and relationship simultaneously.

  1. First, when possible, we try to find ways to work out together. That way we are killing two birds with one stone: We’re spending quality time together and getting fit in the process. We often go for hikes, jogs, and yoga class together.
  2. Second, we have found that the more fun and interesting we can make getting fit, the more we are inclined to find the time to work out. In doing so, we stumbled across a Smartphone application called , which makes it incredibly fun and easy to track your workouts.

Although most people use RunKeeper to track their runs, the GPS technology in the app lets you track just about any activity – from cycling to hiking to skiing. And when you are done with the activity, RunKeeper gives you detailed stats, including distance covered, elapsed time, pace, and calories burned. You also get a nifty map showing the exact route you covered. Best of all, it is completely free and available for all the major Smartphone brands.

In the video above, you’ll see how Olga and I used the app to track our runs along the beach during a recent trip to Hawaii. It really did make the runs a lot of fun, and we enjoyed looking back at the end of our trip to see all that we had accomplished.

Thanks again for watching our video, and be sure to download the and let us know how you like it in the comments below.   Make a commitment to work out together today by sending your sweetie an invitation to work out, either by including it in a or by sending an electronic e-date via email or Facebook using our .

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How To Make Your Date Look Fat & Bald, And Have A Laugh Together

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This is part of our ongoing SmartPhone Date series, where Olga and I showcase smartphone applications that we have used to have fun dates together.  In , we focused on some fun photo apps that can make you look better.  In this video, we focus on apps that make you look worse.  If you have a sense of humor and ever wondered how you would look bald, obese, and with different hair styles, there are some great apps that allow you to do that with a click of a button. We picked the best ones and showcase them in the video above.  As you’ll see, these apps do a remarkable job of realistically forecasting how you might look if you added on a few hundred pounds and lost your hair.   And yes, I would still love Olga if she looked like this!

Important Note: I did get permission from Olga before posting these photos.  This date idea is suggestedfor a private night of fun between the two of you.  Don’t share each other’s photos with your friends, or in this case the whole world, unless you are both ok with that!

For your convenience, here are links to the developer’s website for the apps we reviewed as well as links to the app stores where you can download them!

Fatbooth: ; .
Baldbooth: ; .
Hair Makeover:  (currently free).

Also, please be sure to check out our free video series chock full of practical date ideas and romantic gestures that your sweetie will love.  It’s free and you can sign-up at the bottom of this post to get the first video right now!

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How To Be A Hero On Your Next Movie Date Night

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How many times have you sat in a movie theater in pain because your bladder is full but you don’t want to leave and miss a crucial moment of the movie? Well, with the RunPee app, you and your date can use the restroom without worrying about missing a beat.  Essentially, RunPee tells you the ideal times to use the restroom, and while you are out, you can read the summary of what happened so that you can return to your seat without being lost.   Check out our video above.  This is one of those things you have to see to believe!

You can find more about the app at the , which is currently available for FREE in the , , and app stores.

Once you have downloaded the app, invite your date to the theaters using our fun illustration above.  You can include the date in a book full of many fun things to do together (learn more ), or send the invitation now via email or Facebook using our

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The Best Way To Surprise Your Loved Ones Next Time You Are Out Of Town

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Everyone loves receiving postcards.  But the experience of sending a postcard leaves much to be desired.  First, there’s the hassle of finding a souvenir shop and picking out the postcard.  Then, you have to deal with postage and finding a mailbox to send it.   Well, not anymore!  Olga and I recently discovered an app called , which makes it incredibly easy to take a photograph from your iPhone, Android, Nokia or Windows phone and instantly send it as a real printed postcard to anywhere in the world.  What do you think your friends and family would prefer hanging on therefrigerator — some generic photo of the Eiffel Tower or a photograph of you standing in front of the Eiffel Tower?   Continue reading >

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