How To Turn Your Home Into A Five-Star Spa (The Warm Towel Trick Is Genius!)

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Olga turned our house into a Five-Star spa the other day.  It was awesome.  You have to watch the video above to see the and love she put into this idea.   This is yet another example of something that does not take an incredible amount of set-up time but will leave a lasting impression on your partner.  As you’ll see in the video, there are 3 main components:

  • The Waiting Room — Turn your living room into a five-star spa waiting room.  Olga had everything that you would expect to see in a five-star spa and more!   Newspapers, magazines, fresh fruit, nuts, a pitcher of water with lemon.  I already had a huge smile on my face before I even got to the massage room.
  • The Massage Room – Your bedroom becomes the massage room.  Again, Olga replicated the five-star spa experience to a tee with soft music playing, and candles set up around the room.  She even offered me two massage oil options, and during the massage, checked to see if the pressure was too hard or too soft.  I love my life. [Supplies Note – Olga picked up the tea-lights and massage oils ( and ) from Bath and Body Works.   I couldn’t recommend the massage oils more highly, especially the Lavender Vanilla.]
  • Post-Massage Experience – After the massage was over,  Olga left the room for a few minutes and came back with the warm damp towels just like the masseuses use at the end of a massage.   It’s not like we have a commercial towel warmer at our home so I was very impressed.  It turns out that this is incredibly easy to do, as Olga shows in the video above.  To cap off the experience, Olga gave me a cup of my favorite tea.
I hope you can see just how doable it is to do the same thing for your special someone.  If you are interested in getting step-by-step guides to an additional eight romantic gestures just like this one, be sure to sign up for our FREE video series at the bottom of this post.
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My Unsuccessful Attempt To Share The Spotlight With "Eva The Diva"

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This video exemplifies how Olga has to deal with not one, but two babies…  Eva and yours truly.  Grandparents got Eva this microphone that has an applause button so whenever Eva isdone performing or singing, she presses the applause button and the microphone’s speaker plays an audio clip of an audience clapping and cheering.  It is pretty hilarious.  Her new favorite song is Raffi’s “The More We Get Together.” This is what happened when I tried to share the spotlight with her one evening.  As you can see, Eva has a very strong personality, knows exactly what she wants, and is quite the character :)

I hope you enjoy the video!


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How To Score Major Points With Your Man (& His Friends) And Score A Girls Night Out At the Same Time

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Olga and I spend a ton of time together, but we also take great pride in the fact that we have a life outside of our relationship as well. We both have incredible friends, and I go out with my guy friends regularly and likewise Olga has frequent “Girls’ Night Out” as well. The other week Olga had a great idea that we wanted to share with you. She knew it had been a while since I had gone out with my friends, so she suggested that she be our designated driver for the evening. She dropped us off at the bar, and then while we were watching the Lakers game and drinking beers she met up with her girlfriends for dinner. Talk about a win-win!! Here is the video of how it went down, and also a surprise that she pulled off that had my friends talking for weeks about how awesome my fiancee is! Check it out :)

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments below.  And we encourage you to try this idea out in your relationship and let us know how it worked out in the comments below!

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Love Quotes Recited By Eva – Volume 1

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We are kicking off a series called “Love Quotes Recited By Eva.” Why? Because here at Datevitation, we are fans of quotes about love. And it just so happens that it is so much cuter to hear a love quote from a 2 year-old than to read it on paper or in a blog post. Plus, it is a great way to teach our daughter Eva about the importance and power of love.  So, without further ado, here is Love Quote #1. This will be a regular series so get ready for lots of insightful love quotes recited by Eva in the weeks to come :)

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