10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Season Fun

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Chances are, by the time you finished unwrapping your Christmas presents, the retail world around you quickly swept aside all things reindeer for the next big holiday. When you made a quick run to the grocery store for some more eggnog still wearing your holiday flannel, you walked into an in-your-face display of pink and red hearts. There’s still several weeks left until the frilly hearts and Cupid’s arrows make way for marshmallow bunnies and colorful eggs. Until then, here’s how to make the Valentine’s Day season fun.

1. Explore the cheesiness

Your local greeting card stores are bursting with more cheese than the cheese counter at Whole Foods. Everywhere inside these establishments, there are displays heralding the advancement of the big day with possibly creepy baby Cupids and big, bright, bold, curly font. Valentine’s Day is approaching! Hurry and get your fuzzy purple heart pillow, your singing red teddy bear that squawks “I love you,” your mediocre boxed chocolates, and a prewritten card that you didn’t have to put much thought into. Go with your sweetie and laugh at the absurd commercialization of romance and love. Make it a hunt to find the Cupid with the eeriest set of eyes, the cheesiest Valentine card message, and the most annoying dancing teddy bear.

2. Try to write a story with Sweethearts

Ah, Sweethearts – the classic Valentine’s Day candy. The tiny, chalky hearts stamped with trite messages like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” remind us all of elementary school Valentine’s Day crafts. Modern Sweethearts reflect this new age of love with phrases like “Text Me,” “Tweet Me,” and “#LOVE.” Try to write a story for your sweetie or together using Sweethearts. If you’ve still got leftover Halloween candy, break those out, too! Itcan be a creative work of holiday candy literature: “I love you because you make me feel like 100 Grand. Your Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate eyes make me want to hold hands. Marry me and I’ll feel like Orbiting around the Milky Way. Kiss me, you Big Hunk.”

3. Kisses everyday

Fill up a bowl with some of the pink foil Hershey’s Kisses that are piled up next to grocery store registers. On a sheet of paper, use a red marker to write down various body parts – eyes, nose, lips, neck, hand, and other creative regions of the anatomy. Cut the paper into strips with one body part each, and then fold them into halves or eighths so you can’t see what’s written. Mix them up with the Kisses. Every morning or evening, each of you can choose a Kiss and a strip of paper. Whichever body part is written on your paper, your partner has to kiss you there. If you want to upgrade this, have three separate bowls – one for Kisses, one for body parts, and one for description of kiss. This can lead to all sorts of silly or sexy combinations like “passionate, 10-second kiss” on “left foot” and, well, you can imagine the possibilities.

4. Bust out the little kid crafts

When was the last time you smelled the deeply satisfying scent of a fresh box of Crayola crayons? As a grown woman, I am not ashamed to admit that I recently bought the 120-pack of Crayola crayons that I so longed for in my youth. Oh, yes, a Disney coloring book was involved as well. Something about coloring is quite relaxing – maybe that’s why children simmer down and get absorbed in it during long car rides or at restaurants. If you’re an adult couple with no kids, go out and feel the nostalgic joy of picking out some sturdy construction paper and patterned scissors. If you’re married with kids, go ahead and have some quality crafting time with them. Make long chains of paper hearts and decorate the house by hanging them up in the kitchen and along the staircase. Color and draw scenes from your life – what you love about your partner, what you love about your kids, and what love means to you. Tape up your artwork on the refrigerator, just like old times.

5. Steamy messages

You have some steamy moments every morning when you shower! Shower first while they sleep a little more or get breakfast started. Instead of rubbing the mirror clean with a towel before you shave or do your makeup, write a quick and cute message to your sweetie on the steam-covered mirror. Even a simple heart with a cliché “I love you” will put a smile on their face. If it’s cold enough where you live, doodle some things on their car windows that they can admire during their work commute. Bonus points for leaving lipstick kisses.

6. Reenact sappy Valentine’s Day commercials

A romantic walk in the snow. A trail of rose petals leads somewhere. A poorly acted dialogue of romance over a candlelit dinner. Every kiss begins with Kay and he went to Jared’s. Valentine’s Day commercials, particularly for the amped up promotions of the jewelry sector, spare no amount of cheese or sap. If it were up to them, all the men in the world would be going down on one knee and presenting diamonds on the fourteenth. Whenever you see one, grab your sweetie and mimic such lovey dovey commercials. Widen your eyes in exaggerated surprise and joy and exchange clichéd lines of romance. You’ll both end up in fits of giggles as you improvise your lovers’ scene.

7. Make a Valentine’s gingerbread house

In the next few weeks, friends will be exchanging cute little Valentine’s goodie bags filled with themed candy. What’s more, who doesn’t like building gingerbread houses? If you missed out during the Christmas season, or if you’re always ready to create sugary pieces of architecture, get out those graham crackers and bust out the frosting. There’s a plethora of red and pink candy that’s tossed around during thisseason, so have fun with them. You’ll end up with a beautifully color-coordinated construction covered in 50 shades of red.

8. Get a pack of cutesy Valentines

Go out to your local greeting card store and pick out a set that you like. Cutesy children’s cards as a throwback to the last time you actually used them? The Star Wars-themed set with images of R2D2 and Yoda saying, “You very much do I love?” The most kitsch set you can find? The boxed sets will usually have a dozen or two cards inside. Surprise each other all throughout the season with a card every other day, hidden somewhere for one another to find. Write a reason that you love you them on each card. It’s a simple and fun way to break away from the commercialization of the season with genuine reminders of your love.

9. Make your own chocolate-covered strawberries

If you’ve ever purchased a nice box of chocolate-covered strawberries for your sweetie, you know that the cost makes it seem like you just bought a few nuggets of rubies rather than berries. And yet, they’re so delicious – so what do you do when you’re torn between breaking the bank and the delicious taste? Make your own! When you go to your grocery store, you can get dozens of strawberries for a much lower price and for much fresher quality than the strawberries that have been sitting out all day at the chocolatier’s shop. Get a few bars of your favorite chocolate – are you fan of Swiss milk chocolate or intense 86% dark chocolate? Go home and find an easy recipe for melting chocolate.

Dip your strawberries! Dunk them as much as you like without fear of skimping. Don’t let those suckers show any red patches. Then, add toppings if you’d like. It’s simple to crush up a few Oreos and dip your chocolatey strawberries in it. Caramel drizzles, sprinkles, or perhaps some fine cocoa powder. It’s easy to have fresh and customized chocolate-covered strawberries for way less than you’d pay at the candy boutique.

10. Karaoke in the car

During this season, the radio stations are amping up their selection of romantic love songs. Take turns or do a duet in the car. You have got to do all the enthusiastic gesticulations and scrunch your face up accordingly to songs of pained love, unrequited love, and missing each other. If you’re the driver, please open your eyes frequently throughout the parts where it’s traditional to close your eyes in overwhelming emotion. Are you bad singers? Even better. You haven’t lived until you and your sweetie have held hands and valiantly tried to hit the high notes and follow all the “oooOOOoooOOooh” parts of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”
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  • http://aprioritizedmarriage.com/ Amberly

    I love the idea of making our own chocolate covered strawberries! I’m a sucker for chocolate dipped fruit and usually buy some somewhere special, but this year we’ll have to make our own :)

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      There are so many possibilities when you make your own chocolate dipped fruit! Have fun, Amberly!

  • http://www.alphabetsalad.com Laurel Regan

    The idea of hiding cutesy valentines around the house is so sweet, I just might have to try it! Thank you for all of these fun ideas!

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Have fun with it and tell us how it goes, Laurel! People might want to hear about your good hiding spots.

  • http://www.thesouthernthing.com/ Dara @ The Southern Thing

    I like the idea of a story with Sweethearts! It’s like leaving sticky notes around, but cuter!

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Tell us what cute stories you come up with, Dara!

  • http://2justByou.com/ 2justByou

    I’m loving all of these ideas. I really like #2. And making chocolate covered strawberries is really fun. =0)

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Chocolate-covered strawberries are absolutely delightful, both to make and eat.

  • Rachel @ It’s A Hero

    These are great ideas! From someone in a LONG term relationship — 7+ years, it’s hard to be romantic but not be cheesy, so I kind of love these ideas of semi-cheesy but super romantic! :)

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Hope you have fun with these ideas to keep that seven-year flame going strong!

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