How To Put A Custom Fortune In A Fortune Cookie In 30 Seconds (Without Breaking The Shell!)

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In the video below, I teach you a trick that will take virtually no effort (30 seconds of your time) but will leave the recipient with a smile that last for days.    Sound good to you?   It’s how you can remove the fortune from a fortune cookie without cracking the shell, and replace it with your own handwritten fortune. This is absolutely perfect for the next time you bring in Chinese take-out. And for those of you looking for a great marriage proposal idea, it could also be a very unique way to propose.  Your custom message could be “Will You Marry Me?” or you can even put the ring itself in the cookie.

In additionto the video demo above, here are written instructions as well for your convenience:

Step 1 –  Write the custom fortune that you’ll be inserting into the fortune cookie on a piece of paper (approximately 1/2 inch by 2 inches in dimension).

Step 2 – Pick up a fortune cookie (or two to be safe) at your local chinese restaurant or at the grocery store, or you’ll surely get a few cookies next time you order Chinese takeout.  In the video above, you’ll see that I got the fortune cookies from our favorite Chinese restaurant, PF Chang’s.

Step 3 – Remove the cookie from its plastic wrapping.  Dampen a paper towel (not dripping wet, just damp), and wrap it around the cookie shell.

Step 4 – Microwave the cookie for approx 30 seconds, depending on how powerful your microwave is. WARNING: The paper towel will be extremely hot once your remove it from the microwave.  Exercise caution to avoid burning yourself.

Step 5 – Remove the fortune cookie from the damp towel.   At this point, the previously hardened shell will have softened in the microwave, allowing you to literally pry the cookie open, remove the original fortune and replace it with your custom fortune.   With your custom fortune now inside, gently close the shell back up.  After about 20 seconds, the cookie shell will begin to harden and return it is original state.

Step 6 – Hand over the fortune cookie to the unsuspecting recipient and bask in the glory of his/her reaction.

Step 7 – This is the most important step.  Make sure his or her fortune becomes a reality!

Having a blast at Disneyland

In the video above, you’ll see that I created custom fortune cookies for both Olga and Eva to let them know (1) we were going to Disneyland and (2) my parents were joining us so that Olga and I could enjoy some time alone as well :)  Sure enough, we recently went to Disneyland and had a blast at the happiest place on earth.  Here is a pic of Eva, Olga, my folks, and I on the Autopia ride.

We hope you enjoyed the video and that you use this great trick to put a smile on the face of someone you care about!   In our Love Action Plan video series, we offer step-by-step guides to eight other actions just like this that will bring a ton of happiness to your relationship.  Sign up for the FREE video series at the bottom of this post.   Thanks!

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