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Eva Video #1  –  Watch Eva at the 10 second mark!

Eva Video #2 – Watch Eva at the 15 second mark!

Almost all of our videos on this blog are practical guides to romantic gestures and date ideas, such as  or .  But occasionally we capture an incredible moment of our adorable and hilarious daughter Eva that is too good not toshare.   In these short clips, you can Eva wreaking havoc at two recent birthday parties.

You see, Eva is obsessed with blowing out candles, especially birthday candles.  We have explained to her that she can only blow out her own birthday candles, which you can see she completely ignored our instructions in the videos below.  Even though we don’t condone this behavior, you have to admire her form, especially in the first one where she manages to blow out the candles without the birthday boy even noticing!!  We did talk to Eva after the birthday parties, and she graciously offered to let her friends blow out the candles at her birthday party, which they did a few weekend ago.

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