11 Beautiful Quotes About Fathers

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11 Beautiful Quotes About Fathers

Our took good care of us as we grew from wriggling infants and angsty adolescents to the good men and women we are today. The bond between a father and his child is unshakable and true. The memories we made with our fathers are ones that will last us a lifetime. Send some of these beautiful quotes to Dad this Father’s Day to let him know how much you love and appreciate the time and love he gave you.

Some people don't believe in heroes, but they haven't met my dad.

Every woman is always a princess to her father.

A father is a guiding light whose love shows us the way.
A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.

Even with a prince, Dad will always be king.

Dad... A son's first hero, a daughter's first love.

My father gave me the greatest gift - he believed in me.

To become a father is not difficult, but to be a father is.

Nothing is dearer than a daughter to a father growing old.

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

The best dads get promoted to Grandpa.

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  • http://www.alphabetsalad.com Laurel Regan

    These are lovely quotes, and beautiful pictures as well. Thank you for sharing!

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Thanks for enjoying these, Laurel!

  • Erin

    SO sweet! As someone very close with their dad, some of these almost made me tear up! 😉 I am looking forward to some quality time with my dad this weekend and making sure he feels special and loved!

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Your dad must feel lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter!

  • WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion

    I had the “I may have found my prince, but you’ll always be my king” quote framed for my Dad. Gave it to him on my wedding day. LOVE.

    • http://datevitation.com/ datevitationblog

      Oh my gosh, did he tear up? What a beautiful gift!

  • Tausha

    Oh my gosh!! I love these quotes! We are super late with our Fathers Day gifts & I was planning on putting some vinyl on the glass of a picture frame, so one of these will be perfect. Now how to pick!!

  • Kassi M.

    Aw those are the sweetest! Every little girl deserves an amazing daddy!!!

  • http://www.giveaways4mom.com/ Victoria H

    Father’s are very important. Thanks for sharing this great selection of quotes.

  • Rachel @ It’s A Hero

    I don’t think I fully appreciated these quotes until I grew old enough to truly appreciate the love my father has for me. He is my biggest supporter and will always be my hero. <3

  • Carla WorkingMommyJournal

    These are beautiful – the picture of the hands brought tears to my eyes, so precious! I love the quote about Dad being your King, this is so true for me! Love my Dad, he will always be number one.

  • Katie Clark

    Such great quotes. I think that fathers are so important. These would be great to frame!

  • http://maegal.com/ Sarah (MaeGal.com)

    Aww, these are sweet. I’ll have to remember this post the next time I’m looking for quotes for a birthday card, etc. for my Dad.

  • Karla M. Davis

    I love these quotes! I actually wrote a blog post a few years ago titled ‘My dad, my hero’. I am thankful to have such a wonderful relationship with my dad. Now, watching my husband interact with our 22 month old daughter is so beautiful. She absolutely adores him. He missed out on Father’s Day working out of state but now she wants to follow him everywhere. I’m so proud of the daddy he is to her and the grandfather that my own father is to her also. :)

  • Life of K

    These are so sweet!

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