DV 002: 5 1/2 Communication Mistakes To Avoid In Your Relationship With Pina De Rosa

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The response to our first podcast episode has been remarkable.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can find it here.  There, Olga and I shared the fun story of how we met on a plane in 2005, the six long years of me being stuck in the friend zone, and our recent wedding.  Plus, we identified the 7 Habits Of Highly Happy Couples and identified how we are applying those habits in our relationship and where we are falling short.

In terms of the format of the podcast going forward, Olga and I will occasionally have episodes where it is just the two of chatting about what we have learned and continue to learn about cultivating an amazing relationship.    In other episodes, like this one, you’ll hear Olga interview top relationship experts. 

In today’s episode, Olga welcomes Pina De Rosa, an award winning Film Producer, Master Results Coach and NLP Trainer, and President/CEO of Gratitude International LLC, a company with a worldwide client base committed to empowering people to living their fullest potential.  Pina offers us practical insight into how to (and how not to) communicate in your relationship.  You can listen to the episode in the player below, and we encourage you to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes.  


To be more specific, in this session you’ll learn about:

  • The 5 ½ mistakes to avoid in communication with the opposite sex
  • The difference between female and male brains, and how that affects communication
  • Men and women’s different perspectives of the the world differently
  • Pina’s concept of “Jedi-Listening”
  • Why hints are only ½ a communication
  • How to communicate with your partner when you are upset
  • How to communicate your intimacy needs with your partner
  • How you can get a complimentary 1-hour session with Pina De Rosa
  • Plus so much more!

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

If you would like Olga to address a particular question on a podcast, email her at Olga@datevitation.com.

Alex Karpman

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DV 001: Launch Of The Datevitation Podcast & 7 Habits Of Highly Happy Couples

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We are excited to introduce the Datevitation Podcast.  Your host is the one and only, Olga Karpman (who happens to be my beautiful wife).    In many of the episodes, you’ll hear Olga interview top experts in the field of love, relationship, dating, and marriage.  On occasion, Olga and I will have our own episodes where we’ll chat about what we have learned and continue to learn about cultivating an amazing relationship.  Here is the awesome new artwork we have for the Podcast.


This first episode is an introduction to the Podcast.   In the first half of the episode, we talk about what to expect in the coming weeks and months, and then spend some time introducing ourselves and the story of how we met, fell in love, and got married.   Olga is originally from Siberia and I’m from Los Angeles, and we were lucky enough to meet on a plane in 2005.  For all the juicy details (including how I got stuck in the “friend zone” for nearly six years before we got together), you can listen to the episode in the player below. In the latter half of the episode, Olga and I identify 7 Habits of Highly Happy Couples.  We talk candidly about how we are doing in practicing these 7 habits, and where we can do better.


In each episode, we’ll have show notes (like this!) with a brief description of what we discussed, as well as links to any videos/books/articles/etc. that we mentioned.  That way, if you are driving in the car or on a run while you are listening, you don’t have to worry about remembering any specific references we make on the podcast.   You can always find the show notes by going to datevitation.com/blog/[Episode#].  For instance, in this case for the first episode, the notes can be found at datevitation.com/blog/episode1

Items mentioned in this podcast include:


15 Insanely Clever Couples Costumes For Halloween

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Datevitation Halloween Couples Costume

It’s hard enough coming up with a creative Halloween costume for one person.  It’s even more challenging when you are looking to collaborate with your significant other.  We’re here to help!  We’ve scoured the interwebs and compiled the following list of the our favorite couple costumes.  For our crafty community, we found 10 super creative DIY costumes. These are all costumes that you can make at home and many of them can be made without much effort or expense.  In instances where there were accompanying tutorials describing exactly how to make the costume, we have included the links below. We know that DIY costumes are not for everyone, so for those of you who would prefer to purchase ready-made costumes, we also offer five fun alternative below the DIY options.

DIY Costumes


1. American Gothic Couple (see detailed blog post by SeaKettle)

American Gothic Couples Costume

2. Google Maps

2 - Google Maps

3. Mr & Mrs. Pacman (see detailed post by Julieannart.com)

Mr. & Mrs. Pacman Costume

4.Wilson and Chuck Noland From Cast Away

Castaway Wilson and chuck noland couples costume

5. Beer Pong (more info here)

5 - Beer Pong

6. Words With Friends

7 - Words with Friends

7. Soap & Lufa (detailed post here)

8 - Soap and Loofah 2.jpg

8. Wendy and Waldo

9 - Wendy and Waldo

9. Mario and Luigi (detailed post by Dana Albertson)

10 - Mario and Luigi

10. Tooth & Tooth Fairy (detailed post, again by JulieAnnArt.com)

11 - Tooth and Tooth Fairy

Paid Options


For those of you who are not quite as crafty and are just looking to purchase a costume and get it in time for Halloweeen, here are some of our favorites and you still have time to receive them by the Holiday if you order soon. We have found that HalloweenCostumes.com has the best selection with hundreds of couples costumes options at various price points. Note that we do NOT make any money if you purchase your costume through this website.

11. Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve

12. Plug & Socket


13. Peas & Carrots

14. October Fest
october fest couples costume

15. Popeye & Olive
popeye and olive couples costume.jpg



His & Her Kindles or $200 Cash… Winner’s Choice!

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Grand Prize: His and Her Kindles OR $200 Giveaway (Winner’s Choice) – Enter Below! - After the incredible success of our first giveaway in June, we decided to come back this month with a bigger and better giveaway for July.  Specifically, one lucky winner will have their choice of (1) His & Her Kindle PaperWhites (or His & His, or Her & Her…. whatever floats your boat!); OR (2) $200 via Paypal. Simply join the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below.  You can earn entries by joining our newsletter (in which case you’ll get a free video series with great romantic tips from Datevitation founders Alex and Olga Karpman) and by following our various social media accounts.   To help spread the word, we’ve also partnered with 30 awesome bloggers.  We encourage you to check out their great blogs (links below!) and follow them in the Rafflecopter as well to gain even more entries and increase your chances of winning the grand prize!

Whispering Sweet Nothings     |      Blonde Undercover Blonde      |      Roots and Feathers     |     Kieran Honeybee      |     Mommy’s Memorandum      |     Love, Fun and Football     |     Helene, In Between     |     A Mom With a Lesson Plan     |     Krystal’s Kitsch     |     Jessica… Who?     |     A Wild Tonic     |     New Momma Beckers     |     Effortless Mom     |    The sTORI Book     |     Brunch With Amber     |     Baxtron Life     |     Henning Love     |     Here and Now     |     Classy & Fabulous     |     A Writer In Love     |     Crystal Faye Blog     |     The Ashcraft Bunch     |     Saol Sona     |     Girlfriend Jill     |     Tutus & Tea Parties     |     Not Done Growing    |     The Dime Diary     |     Violet Imperfection     |     What Makes Savannah Smile     |     These Are The Days Never To Be Forgotten

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 –  You are all winners in our eyes :)  So, for the month of July, we’re offering a $10 discount towards a Datevitation gift book. A big steal given how books typically start at just $20! Just make sure to enter the promo code JULYGIVEAWAY at checkout. You can get started making your book here, and the promo code expires at the end of July so get to it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


$200 Cash Giveaway – Enter Below!

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$200 Giveaway – Enter With The Rafflecopter Widget Below – This month we are excited to host our first ever giveaway on the Datevitation Blog.  We are giving away $200 via Paypal or Amazon (winner’s choice!).  Simply enter using the nifty Rafflecopter widget below.  You can get entries for following our various social media accounts, plus we’ve partnered with the following awesome blogs who we have sponsored in the past.  You can also gain entries for following these great blogs as well, which we highly encourage you to do!

The Dating Divas  |  Tiny Heart | Stories of Kel | Why Girls Are Weird | Postcards from Rachel | Thriftary | Baypark Dream | I Love You More Than Carrots | Freckled Italian | Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles | The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart | Kaelah Bee | Pillow Thought | Truly Lovely | My So Called Chaos | Nanny to Mommy | A Night Owl | Hubby Made Me | Chestnut Mocha | Life Oceanside | For Lauren and Lauren | The DayLee Journal | Bella the Blog | Just the Two of Us | Wifessionals

$10 Discount with JUNEGIVEAWAY promo code – In addition to the one lucky winner of $200, we’re offering a $10 discount towards a Datevitation gift book (books typically start at $20).  Just enter the code JUNEGIVEAWAY at checkout for the $10 discount.  It’s still not too late to get a book for Dad (or the father of your children) for this Father’s Day.  Our order cut-off date is June 6 with general shipping or June 11 with Priority shipping.  You can get started making your book here.

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