7 Touching Father’s Day Gifts That Will Leave Dad Speechless… #2 is Genius!

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“Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.”

If your dad is your hero, don’t you think he deserves a hero’s gift this Father’s Day? Here are 7 unique ways to show your love for Dad this Father’s Day.   And the best part is that you can pull off most of these ideas for $10 or less.   Remember, it’s not the price-tag but the thoughtfulness behind the gift that matters most!

  1. Do A Chore That Dad Usually Does – I’m guessing that there is some errand or chore around the house that is typically done by Dad.  Perhaps Dad is the one who fills the tank up with gas or washes the car.  A wonderful surprise would be to get up before Dad on Father’s Day and stealthily take care of that errand.   Then sit back and enjoy Dad’s priceless reaction when he notices that you took care of it on Father’s Day!
  2. Surprise Shower Love Note -  This is the perfect way to start the day off with a huge smile on Dad’s face.  Crayola makes these nifty washable bathtub crayons (available on Amazon here).   While Dad is still sleeping, sneak into the bathroom and leave him a special note of appreciation on the bathroom mirror and/or shower.   When Dad wakes up and heads to the bathroom to wash his face or take a shower, the first thing he’ll see is your lovely message.  My wife Olga and daughter Eva did this for me once, and filmed it!  You can watch the home video below.  As you can see, I loved this sweet surprise!  
  3. A Donation In Dad’s Honor - Making a donation in your Dad’s honor to a charity that he is passionate about is an incredibly moving and memorable gift.  If  your Dad’s father is no longer with the family, then you may even consider making a donation in memory of Dad’s dad.  It doesn’t get any more thoughtful than that on Father’s Day!
  4. A 5-Star Spa Experience At Home - If you have kids and want to say thank you in a very romantic way to the father of your children, then consider giving him a 5-star spa experience at home.   Olga has been kind enough to transform our home into a 5-star spa on occasion, and it is such a wonderful treat.  We put together a step-by-step video guide to show you exactly how to pull this off with some awesome tricks, including how you can easily warm up towels to wipe off the massage oils just like they do at the 5-star spas.  It’s not like we own a commercial towel warmer, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy you can do this in your home. 
  5. An Actor Delivering a Personal Father’s Day Greeting for Just $5 - Have you heard of Fiverr.com?  It’s a site where people offer their services for just $5.  It’s typically used for business purposes (e.g. graphic design, translation, etc).   But there are also impersonators and singers on Fiverr that will create a personalized video for Dad for just $5.   For example, for $5 you can play Dad a customized recording from their favorite politician, whether Bill Clinton or George Bush, wishing him a Happy Father’s Day?  Or perhaps a song from Marilyn Monroe.  There are endless options for your perusal on Fiverr.com, where you are certain to find a performer that Dad will enjoy.
  6. Breakfast In Bed With A Heartfelt Twist -  Breakfast in bed is always a thoughtful way to get Father’s Day off to a great start.  But if you want to literally put your love onto the breakfast tray, consider serving a heart-shaped delicacy.  In fact, there is an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to heart-shaped foods, with over 100 pictures and recipes.  God bless the internet :)
  7. A Custom Fortune Cookie Greeting -  We love this simple 30 second trick that allows you to open a fortune cookie (without cracking it) to remove the message and replace it with your own custom greeting.  This could be a great way to surprise Dad with a message letting him know how special he is to you.  We also filmed a step-by-step guide on how to pull this off (video below and see our full blog post here). 

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10 Truly Unique Ways To Surprise Mom This Mother’s Day (All Ideas Are $10 Or Less)

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“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

As the saying goes, you can’t buy love. That’s especially true when it comes to moms. There is a unique love – an unconditional love – that bonds a mother and her child. So as you start thinking about how to make this Mother’s Day special for mom, focus on how you can spoil her with gratitude, love, and affection. Sure, you can do a last-minute run to the flower shop and buy an expensive arrangement. Or sprint to the spa to purchase a gift certificate for a pricey treatment. But you don’t have to break the bank to make mom feel like a million bucks. Here are 10 creative ways you can make your mom the happiest mom on earth this Mother’s Day for less than $10 (and in many cases without spending a dime!).

  1. Sharing Mom-ories (cost $0) – Take some time this week to think about some of your favorite memories with Mom – a.k.a. “Mom-ories.” Then, on Mother’s Day, reminisce with mom about those special moments and tell her how impactful they were in your life. Bonus points if you can dig up photos of those moments, and bring them along for your trip down memory lane.
  2. A Clean House (cost $0 if you do it yourself) – Imagine all the times your mom cleaned up after you over the years. Why not return the favor by giving mom a sparkling clean house this Mother’s Day? You can schedule a cleaning crew to come do the dirty work, or better yet, roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty making mom’s home look spic-and-span.
  3. Blooming Tea (cost $5-10) – Simply find an excuse to enjoy a tea with mom (perhaps when you are sharing your mom-ories from idea #1 above), and drop a blooming tea ball into boiling water. Then, sit back and enjoy the huge smile on mom’s face as the tea blooms into a beautiful flower before her very eyes. You can pick up blooming tea at your local Teavana or tea speciality shop.
  4. A Custom Fortune Cookie (cost $0) – This is one of our favorite tricks here at Datevitation: how to remove a fortune from a fortune cookie without cracking the shell and replace it with your own custom message. All you have to do is follow our simple instructions in this step-by-step video and enjoy mom’s face light up when she cracks the cookie to find your sweet message inside.
  5. A Custom Music Mix For Mom (cost: $0 or the cost of a CD) – Your mom will love that you took the time to put together a playlist of songs just for her. It could be songs that remind you of her, songs that you enjoyed together during your childhood, or even current hits to keep mom in-the-know on today’s music culture (moms love to be cool!). You can create and share the playlist with mom using an online service like Spotify. Or, if you want to go “old-school” with a physical CD, then here is a blog post where I show you step-by-step how to create a CD insert using iTunes that lists all of the the song titles on your mix.
  6. A Home-cooked meal (cost: depends on what you’re making!) – Think of all the hours that your mom has spent in the kitchen preparing home-cooked meals for you. This Mother’s Day, don’t let your mom lift a finger in the kitchen. Instead, it’s your turn to slap on the apron and cook something delicious for mom. Consider coming over early to surprise her with a gourmet breakfast-in-bed.
  7. A framed childhood photo (cost: approx $10) – There is nothing that screams adorable like a childhood photo of you with your mommy. Find one of your favorites, put it in a nice frame, and deliver it on Mother’s Day along with a sweet handwritten note.
  8. A Thoughtful Toast (cost: $0) – Your mom knows how much she means to you. But it doesn’t hurt to tell her. Take some time this week to pull your thoughts together so that on Mother’s Day you’re ready to offer a meaningful toast in honor of mom. Or better yet, ask the entire family to prepare a toast for mom so that she gets to hear lovely sentiments from all of her loved ones.
  9. A relic from her childhood (cost: depends on the item) - Take a moment and think about the most memorable places, foods, and toys from your childhood, and imagine how fun it would be to experience those things once again. Now rack your brain for any old stories your mom has told you over the years about her childhood. Did she have a favorite treat growing up? A favorite book or toy? Bring things full circle by surprising mom on Mother’s Day with a relic from her childhood. She’ll be forever grateful.
  10. New memories  - If you do any of the above actions this Mother’s Day, your mom will undoubtedly be one happy camper. But all the other ideas on this list focus on reliving the past or spoiling Mom on Mother’s Day itself. A Datevitation gift book is a gift that is all about creating new memories together in the coming weeks and months.  You can start making your book here!


$300 Cash Giveaway For Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date Night

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300 VDay Giveway

To celebrate our favorite holiday of the year, we’re giving away $300 Cash (via Paypal or Amazon, winner’s choice).  We suggest that you use the money for the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day date night, but it’s your money so you get to deicide!  You can enter in the Rafflecopter below by following our various social media accounts and helping to spread the word about the giveaway.    We have some amazing new how-to video guides with great tips on how to make your sweetie’s day, so even if you don’t end up winning the cash, your relationship will win by keeping in touch with us!  Here’s one of our favorites on how to put a custom fortune in a fortune cookie!

Enter into the giveaway below.    You can get multiple entries by following our different accounts.  We’ll announce the winner here on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014.   And of course, it’s not too late to order a Datevitation gift book for Valentine’s Day.  A love coupon book is the most romantic gift you can give your lover this Valentine’s Day because it is the gift of spending time together.   You can use the code VDAY2014 for 30% off your order (offer valid until February 14)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


DV 002: 5 1/2 Communication Mistakes To Avoid In Your Relationship With Pina De Rosa

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The response to our first podcast episode has been remarkable.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can find it here.  There, Olga and I shared the fun story of how we met on a plane in 2005, the six long years of me being stuck in the friend zone, and our recent wedding.  Plus, we identified the 7 Habits Of Highly Happy Couples and identified how we are applying those habits in our relationship and where we are falling short.

In terms of the format of the podcast going forward, Olga and I will occasionally have episodes where it is just the two of chatting about what we have learned and continue to learn about cultivating an amazing relationship.    In other episodes, like this one, you’ll hear Olga interview top relationship experts. 

In today’s episode, Olga welcomes Pina De Rosa, an award winning Film Producer, Master Results Coach and NLP Trainer, and President/CEO of Gratitude International LLC, a company with a worldwide client base committed to empowering people to living their fullest potential.  Pina offers us practical insight into how to (and how not to) communicate in your relationship.  You can listen to the episode in the player below, and we encourage you to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes.  


To be more specific, in this session you’ll learn about:

  • The 5 ½ mistakes to avoid in communication with the opposite sex
  • The difference between female and male brains, and how that affects communication
  • Men and women’s different perspectives of the the world differently
  • Pina’s concept of “Jedi-Listening”
  • Why hints are only ½ a communication
  • How to communicate with your partner when you are upset
  • How to communicate your intimacy needs with your partner
  • How you can get a complimentary 1-hour session with Pina De Rosa
  • Plus so much more!

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

If you would like Olga to address a particular question on a podcast, email her at Olga@datevitation.com.

Alex Karpman

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DV 001: Launch Of The Datevitation Podcast & 7 Habits Of Highly Happy Couples

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We are excited to introduce the Datevitation Podcast.  Your host is the one and only, Olga Karpman (who happens to be my beautiful wife).    In many of the episodes, you’ll hear Olga interview top experts in the field of love, relationship, dating, and marriage.  On occasion, Olga and I will have our own episodes where we’ll chat about what we have learned and continue to learn about cultivating an amazing relationship.  Here is the awesome new artwork we have for the Podcast.


This first episode is an introduction to the Podcast.   In the first half of the episode, we talk about what to expect in the coming weeks and months, and then spend some time introducing ourselves and the story of how we met, fell in love, and got married.   Olga is originally from Siberia and I’m from Los Angeles, and we were lucky enough to meet on a plane in 2005.  For all the juicy details (including how I got stuck in the “friend zone” for nearly six years before we got together), you can listen to the episode in the player below. In the latter half of the episode, Olga and I identify 7 Habits of Highly Happy Couples.  We talk candidly about how we are doing in practicing these 7 habits, and where we can do better.


In each episode, we’ll have show notes (like this!) with a brief description of what we discussed, as well as links to any videos/books/articles/etc. that we mentioned.  That way, if you are driving in the car or on a run while you are listening, you don’t have to worry about remembering any specific references we make on the podcast.   You can always find the show notes by going to datevitation.com/blog/[Episode#].  For instance, in this case for the first episode, the notes can be found at datevitation.com/blog/episode1

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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