3 Simple Ways Couples Can Be Healthy Together

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3 Simple Ways Couples Can Be Healthy Together

  1. Cook together

It’s easy to slip into mutually assured inflation when you get into the habit of regularly ordering in or eating out. After a long day at work, why wouldn’t you two want to kick back, have some Chinese or pizza delivered, and call it a night? Unfortunately, the easy way of handling dinnertime can settle you into an unhealthy lifestyle. Too many carbs, too much fat, and too many processed ingredients will leave you both with padded waistlines, slimmer wallets, and not-quite-optimal health.

Luckily, cooking together is an activity and lifestyle habit that has a multitude of benefits. It’s easy to prepare and enjoy healthy meals when you’ve both put in a joint effort into creating them. Choose the meals you like and experiment with favorite recipes. It’s hard to overdose on fat, sugar, and salt when it’s your hands that are controlling what goes into your food. You probably won’t be stirring in high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or aluminum phosphate into meals you make with your own hands, either.

Not only will you save money and improve your nutrition by not shelling out for takeout or delivery, but you will also grow closer as a couple. Cooking is an hour or two of quality time together that can be fun, quiet, loud, and intimate. Turn on some Sinatra as you have an impromptu twirl about the kitchen island. Shake those salad greens dry while having a silly sing-a-long to “Shake It Off.” Continue reading >


14 Best Love Quotes of All Time

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14 best love quotes

Love quotes always have a place in our lives. From the early years of Sharpie-ing cliché quotes onto our binders to the cringeworthy days of customized MySpace profiles with just-angsty-enough love quote .gifs, and from picking the perfect quote for your wedding vows to leaving a handwritten love letter on your wife’s pillow, love – and the quotes about it – make the world go ‘round.

Some are cloying, some are sweet, some are tender, and some are deep. Sometimes they strike as the most beautiful pair of sentences ever written, while on other days (and in other relationship statuses) they can destroy us, reducing us to a shaking pile on a tissue-strewn floor. Sometimes they fill us with the warmest sense of renewed hope and faith. Sometimes they say in a mere handful of words exactly what we, overwhelmed by our indescribable depth of love, struggled to sum up to our beloved.

Reading them as a single woman, copying one down as a husband, receiving them as a loved girlfriend, and being whispered one by the man in your life is a moment that transcends the present. You are interacting with the souls of centuries gone whose words still remain, for the deep stirring in the heart of a young man today is unchanged from the kindling of romance in a young man a thousand years ago. Gathered here are fourteen of some of history’s most enduring, moving, relatable, powerful, true, and inspiring love quotes.

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6 Toxic Beliefs That Ruin Relationships

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Toxic beliefs that ruin relationships

  1. “They can do better than me.”

At first, it may seem too good to be true. You consider yourself a solid 6, so how did you land this stunning 9? In the glowing early days of the relationship, this is a huge confidence boost to the partner who thinks they’re getting the better end of the out-of-my-league stick. However, the glowing soon gets replaced by glowering as insecurities prevail.

“Why is he with me? He can do so much better. Maybe I’m the dependable plain Jane that gives him stability while he secretly canoodles with a 9 like him. That girl is checking him out. Wait, he glanced at her! Hey, do you want her? How dare you check her out in front of me!” “She has that rich guy who’s her best friend. Why is she with me? She can do better than me. She could be living the comfortable set life with him. He can give her all the things she could ever want. Wait, he just texted her about lunch tomorrow. What if she thinks Mr. AMEX is better than me and chooses him?”

Enough. Whatever insecurities arise from perceivably batting out of your league, you must remember this – they chose you. They could have chosen a leggy 9 or a hedge fund manager, but they chose you. Don’t ruin a good thing because you’re constantly needling them with your insecurity – eventually, they might think that, yeah, they can do better than someone who’s so clingy, moody, and suspicious. Yes, maybe they had their pick of the litter, the best of the best – but remember, to them, you are the best of the best. You were the one they wanted, and you are the one that they want at their side. Be confident of their love and of yourself.


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7 Relationship Enhancing Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

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Relationship Enhancing in 10 Minutes or Less

No matter which stage of a relationship you’re in, there are always little things you can do to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. As we grow more comfortable together, there are small things that fade or slip our minds. Luckily, it’s easy to incorporate these little but quick things that make both of you feel happier and closer.

  1. Kiss spontaneously

Whether it’s the second week or second decade together, there’s something about a deep kiss with your partner that sends thrills buzzing down to your toes. The magic is even more intense when it’s unexpected. Sure, a deep kiss after date night is great, but it’s par for the course. A passionate lip lock while browsing the grocery aisles is a surprise that heightens the sensation of both wanting and being wanted. “Hey, honey, should we get the whole wheat or the 8-grain – mmph!” Connect with your partner and let them know that they’re what you want, wherever you are, and spice up even the most mundane tasks.

  1. Say good morning and good night

Maybe when you first started dating, nothing could knock you off your “good morning, good night” game. But as you two grew more comfortable and the fanatical texting of the honeymoon stage calmed down, the morning and night greetings found themselves phased out. Whether you live together or not, saying good morning and good night with a kiss or with a text creates an intimate bond of affection between you and your partner. You’re letting them know that they are what’s on your mind when you wake up and that you’re thinking of them before you sleep.

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8 Quotes to Help You Through Long Distance Love

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long distance love quotes

In a long distance relationship, there are so many obvious factors that stack the odds – and people’s opinions and pity – against you. There are the hundreds and even thousands of miles that separate you from the one you love. There are the weeks and months that stretch unfathomably on until the next time you see their familiar, smiling face and hug their warm body, the one that you’ve missed having in the other half of the bed so much that some nights, you’ve woken up with your pillow still damp from the tears that unknowingly squeezed out even as you slept.

And during the seemingly endless countdown for which you both know the exact number of remaining days and hours, friends and family offer trite and naïve words of pity, doubt, and comfort: “You’re wasting your beautiful youth! Break up and find someone here who can be with you every day like you deserve.” “I don’t understand why you’d subject yourself to this waiting, but if you think it’s worth it….” “Oh, honey, remember that absence makes the heart fonder. Only two months left!”

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