How To Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

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Let me preface this post by saying that I am completely worthless in the kitchen.  I can make a mean bowl of cherrios, and that’s about it. So when I look to do something in the kitchen, I am searching for delicious treats that my five-year old cousin could make with her eyes closed. Chocolate-covered strawberries is one of those things. Here’s how I did it, and trust me, if I can do it so can you.

Step 1 – Get the Goods – Pick up the following from the store:

  1. Fresh strawberries – if you don’t know how to pick the good ones, ask the clerk at the store to help. I just looked for the big red ones.
  2. High-Quality Chocolate – Don’t skimp here. Get the good stuff with at least 60% cacao. You can pick out full chocolate bars, but chocolate chips melt a bit easier. I went with , which made for a delicious dipping sauce once melted (trust me I ended up licking the bowl clean).
  3. Parchment or Wax paper – You need a non-stick paper to place the strawberries on after you dip them. Parchment or wax paper will do the trick. 4) Champagne (optional) – If you want to really make it extra classy, you can pick up a bottle of champagne as well.

Step 2 – In the Kitchen – It’s time to put on your Chef’s hat and get to work.

  1. Clean the Strawberries – Wash the strawberries and, ideally, let them dry for a few hours. When they’re still wet, the melted chocolate won’t stick quite as well.
  2. Melt the Chocolate – Put the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. I just followed the instructions on the bag, which said to microwave for 1 minute on medium heat, remove and stir, and then heat in 15 second intervals until the chocolate is completely melted.
  3. Dip the Strawberries – This is the fun part! Dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate, rotate a few times till the chocolate stops dripping, and then place on the parchment or wax paper. 4) Refrigerate – Once you are done dipping all the strawberries, put them in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving.

Step 3 – Set the scene, and make sure you feed her that first strawberry! Wow! I actually made something in the kitchen other than toast and I’m feeling really good about it. But my work is not done quite yet. Whatever you do, do NOT simply break out the strawberries at the end of dinner with the lights on. Do that, and you are blowing a golden opportunity for a romantic evening, if you catch my drift :) Here’s what I did, which worked likea charm. Olga was in the bedroom reading a book, and I could tell she was in the middle of a chapter and wouldn’t be moving anytime soon. So I dimmed the lights in the living room, lit some candles, poured us two glasses of champagne, and hid the strawberries so that I could reveal them once she entered the room. Check out the video and you can see it was a hit. Also, make sure you get the party started by feeding your sweetie that first strawberry.

Good luck!  Let me know how it goes in the comment section below, or if you have any questions.


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