Cum4K Review (Place only for adult)

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As much of the porn industry reluctantly accepts their future as condom-sheathed performers “protected” from each others’ most dangerous bodily fluids, there’s one new site that’s hopelessly devoted to the most fantastic form of fluid sharing the porn world has yet seen. Paired with guys amazingly able to blast multiple loads in one sitting, Cum4K places today’s sexiest porn newbies on the receiving end of an endless stream of internal spunking. With more oozing, dripping, and sploshing sounds than your local sewer mutant dance party, Cum4K is a seed sower’s delight.
Hosting exclusive, original content that keeps close to its bold concept in every scene, Cum4K sees today’s sexiest young porn talents throw down with big dicks that somehow manage to bust load after load in (and sometimes on) these cock-loving cuties. From Asians to aunties, stepmoms to schoolgirls, each woman is filled multiple times before one final blast leaves her lover totally drained and blissfully happy.
It almost goes without saying as it’s so bleeding obvious and, for most guys, utterly impossible, but the internal creampies seen here tend to be fake. Keen viewers will notice brief cuts before each unloading to allow an off-camera insertion of creampie white liquid that the woman then forces out by finger or cock and kegel power. There’s usually at least one clearly legitimate ejaculation per scene but never more.


4 Steps To Making the Perfect Mix CD For Your Special Someone

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Follow these 4 steps to create a thoughtful (yet affordable) romantic gift that will have your sweetie singing your praises.


Step 1: Pick the Songs! – No duh! Well, while this the most obvious step, it is also the most important (and the most time consuming) part of the process. Sure, you can just go into your music collection and start picking out love songs at random, and if you don’t have a big collection, there are plenty of resources online to help you come up with ideas (check out for instance, About.com’s list of the Top 100 love songs). But if you want to put together a truly thoughtful CD, you should really think through each and every song you pick. Look for songs that you’ve had fun listening to together in the past, and for song titles and lyrics that would be truly meaningful to the recipient. Here are a few examples of some of the songs on the CD I made for Olga, and why I picked them:

  • Green Eyes by Coldplay – Olga and I recently went to a Coldplay concert and we both love the band. I picked Green Eyes though because Olga has the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen so the song makes me think of her whenever I listen to it.
  • Here & Now by Luther Vandross – This one is a bit of an inside joke that I’ll let you guys in on. Olga is the most positive and optimistic person I have ever met. It is one of the qualities I love about her most. She likes to talk about living in the “Here & Now” so when I saw this song title I just had to include it on the CD. Turns out it is an unbelievable love song too by one of the all-time R&B legends.
  • She’s My Kind of Rain by Tim McGraw – I haven’t liked the rain ever since we were forced as kids to do recess indoors when it was raining outside. I picked this song because if I were to like any kind of rain it would be Olga’s kind.
  • Count on Me by Bruno Mars – Olga and I are huge Bruno Mars fans and this is “our song.” Obviously, if you are making a love song music mix, you should include your song. And if you are in a relationship don’t have a song, then get one ASAP.

Step 2 – Burn a physical CD – I know that most people don’t really use CDs anymore, but there is something about receiving a physical present that makes it much more meaningful. And once you give her the CD, you can always put the songs on her iPod if that’s where she is more likely to listen to it. [If you have never burned a CD before, it is very easy to do. There are plenty of tutorials that you can find on Youtube. Here’s one that shows you how to burn a CD on iTunes.]

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