Our BIG news: Olga is Pregnant (watch our announcement video!)

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We’ve always loved sharing our happiest moments with our community. A few years back we shared Alex’s marriage proposal to Olga (and Eva), and that video went viral and (incredibly) been viewed over 2M times.
And we’re happy to share some more exciting news with you. OLGA IS PREGNANT! We’re expecting the newest addition to our family in June. It’s not easy to keep a pregnancy a secret but we managed to keep it off social media long enough to share the news in person with a good number of our closest friends and family. In each case, we told them to pose for a photo and then on the count of 3, we broke the news. As you could imagine, the reactions were priceless.  You can watch the video above!


With Love,
Olga, Alex and Eva

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14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

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12 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas!

Note: All of the illustrations displayed below are featured in our library of over 500 dates ideas.  You can create a custom book for your sweetie full of date activities on our main site Datevitation.com.  Read to the bottom for a special discount for our blog readers.

1. Scavenger hunt around the city

It’s time for a physical trip down memory lane. Think of all of your important places as a couple. The bookstore aisle where you first bumped into each other, the high school where you started dating way back when, the spot of your first date, the place where you decided to make your relationship official, the location where he proposed, your favorite restaurant, and your bench by the lake. Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so there are no worries about it being too dark after getting off work. Leave tender notes at each spot and include a clue as to where the next location is. Eventually, they’ll find you waiting at the last spot with flowers or a big kiss. If you want the last spot to be a smooth segue to the rest of your Valentine’s Day experience, consider having the final clue lead them to the restaurant where you’re waiting with a reservation. If you’d like to end it on a quieter, more intimate note, have the last clue lead back to your place, where you’ll be waiting with the following date idea!

2. Indoor picnic

Skip the overbooked restaurants and forget the hassle of fighting for a reservation. Why deal with all of that when you could have a cozy, customized culinary experience at home? Spread a bunch of plushy blankets on the living room floor. Add a classic white-and-red checkered blanket on top for ambiance. There’s no need to make substitutions and wonder about what to order at a restaurant when you can go grocery shopping and stock up on both of your favorites in advance. Is she a cheese lover? Delight her with ample cheese platter chockfull of pesto gouda, truffle gouda, Jarlsberg, smoked cheddar, goat cheese, and all sorts of aged temptations imported from Europe. Is he a man’s man who enjoys nothing more than a good steak? This picnic has the great quality of being located a mere room away from the oven where his steak is sizzling, all while you two enjoy your appetizers first. Eat to your heart’s content and fear not about discreetly placing your bag over your food baby as you exit the restaurant. Just clear the dishes away and plop right back on the picnic blankets. Once your stomachs settle enough, you can finish the night by burning those calories in the style of Valentine’s Day.
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10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Season Fun

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10 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Season Fun

Chances are, by the time you finished unwrapping your Christmas presents, the retail world around you quickly swept aside all things reindeer for the next big holiday. When you made a quick run to the grocery store for some more eggnog still wearing your holiday flannel, you walked into an in-your-face display of pink and red hearts. There’s still several weeks left until the frilly hearts and Cupid’s arrows make way for marshmallow bunnies and colorful eggs. Until then, here’s how to make the Valentine’s Day season fun.

1. Explore the cheesiness

Your local greeting card stores are bursting with more cheese than the cheese counter at Whole Foods. Everywhere inside these establishments, there are displays heralding the advancement of the big day with possibly creepy baby Cupids and big, bright, bold, curly font. Valentine’s Day is approaching! Hurry and get your fuzzy purple heart pillow, your singing red teddy bear that squawks “I love you,” your mediocre boxed chocolates, and a prewritten card that you didn’t have to put much thought into. Go with your sweetie and laugh at the absurd commercialization of romance and love. Make it a hunt to find the Cupid with the eeriest set of eyes, the cheesiest Valentine card message, and the most annoying dancing teddy bear.

2. Try to write a story with Sweethearts

Ah, Sweethearts – the classic Valentine’s Day candy. The tiny, chalky hearts stamped with trite messages like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” remind us all of elementary school Valentine’s Day crafts. Modern Sweethearts reflect this new age of love with phrases like “Text Me,” “Tweet Me,” and “#LOVE.” Try to write a story for your sweetie or together using Sweethearts. If you’ve still got leftover Halloween candy, break those out, too! It can be a creative work of holiday candy literature: “I love you because you make me feel like 100 Grand. Your Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate eyes make me want to hold hands. Marry me and I’ll feel like Orbiting around the Milky Way. Kiss me, you Big Hunk.”
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$500 Cash Giveaway for the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Date

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2015 giveawayTo celebrate our favorite holiday of the year, we’re giving away $500 Cash (via Paypal or Amazon, winner’s choice).  We suggest that you use the money for the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day date night, but it’s your money so you get to deicide!  You can enter in the Rafflecopter below by following our various social media accounts and helping to spread the word about the giveaway.    We have some amazing new how-to video guides with great tips on how to make your sweetie’s day, so even if you don’t end up winning the cash, your relationship will win by keeping in touch with us!  We’ll announce the winner here on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.  

And of course, it’s not too late to order a Datevitation love coupon book for Valentine’s Day.  A love coupon book is the most romantic gift you can give your lover this Valentine’s Day because it is the gift of spending time together.   You can use the code VDAY35 for 35% off your order (offer valid until February 14)! We also have great options for kids and parents.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


11 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

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11 new year's resolutions for couples

Ah, another year comes to a close and another year prepares for its entrance. As we wrap up 2014, we look forward to 2015 as a new year. Truly, a new year is full of possibilities, dreams, and goals. As January approaches, mark off the calendar days brightly with a positive outlook. Year after year, we often make grand and ambitious proclamations of goals to accomplish that are often faded and forgotten by February. This year, make a fresh start whose end doesn’t happen by the ides of January. With your partner, keep these maintainable relationship New Year’s Resolutions by supporting each other through March, June, September, and beyond.

1. A love jar for 2015

Every day, jot down a reason why you love each other and slip it into your love jar. Depending on how amorous, romantic, or full of free time you are that day, you can fold a sticky note in half or spray a nice piece of stationary with cologne and drop it in. It can be a simple sentence or a lengthy love letter – just write down something about them that you love, makes you happy, or you appreciate. “I love that you picked up groceries today without me reminding you.” “Your hair looked really pretty today and it felt so soft when I ran my fingers through it.” “You are such a good father and I loved the way you let our son ride you and call you Thomas the Train Engine.”

You can pack them into a big vase or even use a cute, labeled Mason jar for every month. Next December, you’ll be able to pour out a year’s worth of love for each other and remember all the good times and special moments of love that you shared this year.
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